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Moonshift Investments ...

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posted on 7/5/12

I think they're one of those companies that make birthday cards and stuff.

You send 'em your details and they send you a card.

You must have seen the adverts on the telly with their annoying jingle.

"Moo-oonshift dot com."

posted on 7/5/12

Hmmm ... a house of cards you might say.

Do you think thyey could do us a get-out-of-jail card?

posted on 7/5/12

It's easy Exiled.

Eddie made millions around the world making kettle elements with his company the Stryx Group, but he didn't want to pay UK tax so became a tax exile in the IOM.

With his wealth ans the sale of the Stryx Group he put all his wealth in offshore accounts, namely Bermuda.

The Fildraw Private Trust owns Burnden Liesure (or 96% of it) of which Eddie is a member, the other memners being his family.

Mooshift Investments is another private company setup in Bermuda by Eddie and his benefactors that has loaned the company 100mil @ a rate of interest of 5% per annum.

It's all legal and what not, it's just that you cannot access information on these comapanies as you could in the UK through Companies House.

comment by RMc (U14526)

posted on 23/5/12

Have a read of this regarding Moonshift.


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