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Johns becomes an immortal

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posted on 29/9/12

Andrew Johns deserves his place in league immortality he was simply the best of his time ok he had problems in his life off the field but that never affected his game give the guy the credit he deserves.

posted on 9/10/12

Call me an old foggie or what ever, but I don't agree with Johns being selected to stand along side such greats as Churchill and Beetson etc.
For one reason, I feel it's still to close to his retirement and a 10 year or so period should elapse to see what these individuals do for the game after footy as well as reflection on what they did on it.
As for him getting caught with an illegal drug substance (recreational but illegal) there were 10-12 year olds that looked up to Johns when he retired and those same youngsters would of been 14-16 years when he was caught and openly admitted he had used drugs whilst playing (not enhancing)
What does this message send to the vulnerable children out there whom respect Johns and look up to him as a hero...???
If the surviving Immortals were invited to have the last vote, Johns would not of recieved this award and we might be talking about Mal Meninga or Norm Provan right now.....Just my opinion that's all.....

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