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Champion trophy

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posted on 19/6/17

comment by dangerdog (U20986)
posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago
You're right hard to see past the Aussies. New Zealand seem to always do ok until the knockout stages...closest conditions to home for them so might well be a decent outsider to back, had a decent world cup last year.

I'm committing blasphemy here but have a feeling your boys will do better than most expect.
Serves me right for the second comment!! Punishment served

posted on 19/6/17

comment by JustTrue - (Ronnie wins his 5th UK Snooker Ti... (U13155)
posted 5 hours, 16 minutes ago
comment by (Kash) I'm the Mané, I'm the Mané - Justice4Gaza (U1108)

posted 0 seconds ago

That Amir spell is probably the best spell of bowling by a Pak player in limited overs since Akram in 92. To take out those 3 big guns on that wicket was sensational.

Great spell, but what about this match?
Good as it was you have to put more emphasis on tournaments. Had one of the 3 gone on to score a ton which is what they have been doing for fun India would have chased this score.

posted on 19/6/17

I agree about the tournament and especially a final, but Shoaib took out Ponting, Martyn, Bevan and Lehmann in their own back yard.

Also, let's not forget this gem of a spell from an Englishman:

posted on 22/6/17

Just had a look at the ODI rankings. Pakistan have moved up to 6th which I thought was about right but are only a few points ahead of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, South Africa who failed to get out of the group stage are still number 1, India have remained in 3rd place despite getting further then Australia and South Africa, really don't understand how all the points work in these rankings.

posted on 4/7/17

Luck wasn't on India side and Pakistan play very well.

comment by Verse (U20361)

posted on 4/7/17

It was not a matter of luck but a matter of skill in the final.

posted on 12/7/17

It was a demolition. Still so funny watching whole families leaving after the 3rd wicket fell.

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