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Predictor League 2017/18

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posted on 11/5/18

comment by Call Sign: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Armstr... (U3627)
posted 16 minutes ago

It’s not in the rules but it could be in future. I’ll suggest some changes mid summer like

Points - 10 for correct score, 5 for margin, 3 for result
Missed week - get average score 3 times before zero score
Clean sweep (LogieB) - bonus 10 points
Double Weeks - 4 set double weeks a season

If you did that and someone managed it I think you’d quickly have a runaway winner. My own opinion is keep it as tight as possible for as long as possible.

Back to the two points for a win and one for a draw and 3 for correct scores. No jokers in double weeks.

Just my opinion and certainly not because of this years way it’s worked out.

As always it’s fanatstic you do this mate so I’m sure we’re all very grateful for a bit of fun in this. 👍

comment by LMC (U8502)

posted on 11/5/18

Dundee 2-0 Partick
Motherwell 1- 1 Hamilton
St Johnstone 1-0 Ross County
Celtic 2 -0 Aberdeen
Hibs 2-0 Rangers

Kilmarnock 2-1 Hearts

posted on 11/5/18


I was just copying the English Predictor league though that doesn’t have Jokers


The guy at the top has a good chance of the title this year. Big scores but also big gaps

posted on 11/5/18

Still to predict for the FINAL WEEK

posted on 11/5/18

Comment deleted by Site Moderator

posted on 11/5/18

comment by 🇬🇧 elite.... the wolf wan (U16936)
posted 1 minute ago
Is it to late to join?


Predict away

comment by My POV (U10636)

posted on 12/5/18

Dundee 1 - 1 Partick
Motherwell 1- 1 Hamilton
St Johnstone 2-0 Ross County
Celtic 2 -1Aberdeen
Hibs 7 - 1 Rangers

Kilmarnock 1-0 Hearts

posted on 12/5/18

Saturday 12th May
Dundee v Partick 1500hrs 2-0
Motherwell v Hamilton 1500hrs 1-1
St Johnstone v Ross County 1500hrs 2-0

Sunday 13th May
Celtic v Aberdeen 1230hrs 4-0
Hibs v Rangers 1230hrs 0-0
Kilmarnock v Hearts 1230hr 2-2

posted on 12/5/18

Saturday 12th May
Dundee 1 Partick 0
Motherwell 2 Hamilton 1
St Johnstone 3 Ross County 0

Sunday 13th May
Celtic 2 Aberdeen 0
Hibs 2 Rangers 0
Kilmarnock 1 Hearts 1

posted on 12/5/18

Just Gowteam to predict

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