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King of Pundits 2018/19: RESULTS

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posted on 21/1/19

Results posted for SET 23.

posted on 21/1/19

For Info

Draw for 1st round H2HKO

Cinciwolf .v. Shentini
Takeaboo .v. Hafi
Admin 1 .v. Mustyfrog
Tway .v. Middlesex
PSD .v. Merry
Bannoram .v. Sandy
Hereford .v. AJ
Sir Ken .v. Miami
Trollfecker .v. Lily
Tranquil .v. Tector
Wolfie .v. EmKriti
Scottini .v. Earl
Bazza .v. Dublin
Olhos .v. Worc Spur
MarcusMud .v. MFB
Somtin .v. Call Sign

posted on 22/1/19

Oohh would rather have missed Shentini in the draw, dudes got previous in these comps for good finishes

posted on 22/1/19

Also my cup runs haven't even closely matched my league placings so i need to rectify that

posted on 27/1/19

Interim scores subject to scrutiny...Sunday am

CURRENT Top SET Totals.. 2 games to come.

AJ 75
Tector 58
Oldgoldilox 53
Tway 48
Pepp 47
Trollfecker 47
Sandy 45
Middlesex 44
Tranquil 42
Call Sign 40
Pavchicky 40

Top Monthly Totals
AJ 217
Sandy 184
Cinciwolf 180
Somtin 175
Tranquil 172
Middlesex 170
Trollfecker 163
Scottini 154
MarcusMud 152
Takeaboo 151

H2HKO 1st Round Interim scores:
** looks like the winner of the tie with 2 games to play
AJ in full H2HKO mode. Dont fancy his next opponent

37 .. Cinciwolf** .v. Shentini .. 23
33 .. Takeaboo** .v. Hafi .. 23
21 .. Admin 1 .v. Mustyfrog .. 32
48 .. Tway** .v. Middlesex .. 44
24 .. PSD .v. Merry .. 23
22 .. Bannoram .v. AJ** .. 75
34 .. Sir Ken .v. Miami .. 30
47 .. Trollfecker** .v. Lily .. 34
42 .. Tranquil .v. Tector .. 58
20 .. Wolfie .v. EmKriti** .. 38
36 .. Scottini .v. Earl .. 19
22 .. Bazza .v. Dublin .. 28
17 .. Olhos .v. Worc Spur .. 25
22 .. MarcusMud .v. PPLF** .. 38
24 .. Somtin .v. Call Sign** .. 40

posted on 28/1/19

Results posted for SET 2.

posted on 31/1/19

Results posted for SET 24B and monthly game bonus points.

posted on 31/1/19

Back in the points,, bit of a shock

posted on 31/1/19

comment by dublin fox optimistically pessimistic, (was london fox)(now Cambridge fox)(can not spell fox) (U1131)
posted 1 hour, 12 minutes ago
Back in the points,, bit of a shock
Up 5 places as well.
Was that extensive study ??

posted on 31/1/19

But of cause it was
Must have spent minutes on them
Dam that's where I've been going wrong since the collapse of form 🤦‍♀️

posted on 1/2/19

when did i miss Dave??

posted on 1/2/19

6 - how is that even possible

posted on 1/2/19

comment by mustyfrog (U19033)
posted 4 hours, 31 minutes ago
when did i miss Dave??
Stu, you have not missed. The error occurred when I was putting in the little ☑ to show the H2HKO entries and I copied and pasted a F ☑ into yours . I don't think you have ever missed.
I sometimes wish I had missed an entry

I will correct the table to show your exemplary record.

posted on 4/2/19

Results posted for SET 25.

Do not forget the 6 games in the mid week set SET 25B

posted on 7/2/19

Results posted for SET 25B

posted on 11/2/19

Results posted for SET 26

posted on 11/2/19

Down to 25 points to the top 10. After a shocking season start I’m clawing my way back to the European places

That Intertoto Cup place will be mine

posted on 15/2/19

Results posted for SET 26B

posted on 18/2/19

Results posted for SET 27.

Mid week SET 27B preds now due before Tuesday Koffs.

posted on 22/2/19

Results posted for set 27B

posted on 25/2/19

Results posted for set 28

Do not forget the midweek SET 28B

posted on 25/2/19

Throwing together a late charge then Pen. Guess I want Man city to win the title now

posted on 25/2/19

Top 10 still in sight

posted on 25/2/19

comment by Cinciwolf--He's only going for another prediction comp double ffs (U11551)
posted 2 hours, 31 minutes ago
Throwing together a late charge then Pen. Guess I want Man city to win the title now
I don't think Liverpool will win it. They are not doing too well lately and Man C have a hell of a team with depth. Its a 30 point turn round when Man C go top.

You are well clear at the top now and Takeaboo and Trollfecker, Admin, Tway and Sir Ken are my main fans to challenge for 2nd and 3rd place
I am furthest ever in the H2H than previous attempts.

posted on 25/2/19

Still a way to go, one strong weekend coupled with a rivals bad one can make a big big difference.

Man City 'appear' the more likely now. I keep thinking Ipswich will throw together a late run to climb a place or two given i hate Paul Lambert so much just to spite me.

As for the H2H i don't think i have ever even seen a QF

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