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The English Ban from Europe

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posted on 25/9/18

didn't it take until 1996 or something for English football to get all its European places back? I wonder what the impact would have been had English teams not been dominating the 3 European competitions. I doubt they would have been banned as long as they did.

posted on 25/9/18

Doubt you could have lived with Ac milan 87-90.

Rikjaard Gullit Van Basten were a different level to the likes of Aldridge Beardsley etc

Juventus were a better side than you in 85.

Everton Would have Had a great chance 85/6.

You guys 86/7.

posted on 25/9/18

comment by peks (U6618)
posted 1 hour, 7 minutes ago
EC winners during the ban

86 Steaua Bucharest
87 Porto
88 PSV Eindhoven
89 Milan
90 Milan
91 Red Star Belgrade (English clubs were re-admitted this season, but champions liverpool had an extra year ban, so no english club in the EC)

in 87, and 88 I'd say the best team in europe was the quinta del buitre Real Madrid team (lost in the semis both seasons)

from '89 the great Sacchi Milan team emerged

I think Everton may have had a decent chance of winning it in '86

After that i think the success of the English clubs may have waned anyway, especially after Milan emerged in the late 80s.....that team profounded changed the way football was played ...

Maybe Everton would have had decent chance 87/8.

Milan were different level to Liverpool so could not see Pool beating them 88/9 89/90

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