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Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

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posted on 18/4/19

you're probably right Isaac but there has been considerable concern and comments directed at the EFL due to their lack of diligence when vetting prospective owners. Bolton MPs have contacted them about their concerns. Just maybe they will be more diligent this time around. However, I won't be holding my breath.

On football-related matters, I wonder how many changes Phill will make tomorrow. I'll go for five. He hasn't played a settled team all season, so I expect another defeat although I sincerely hope that I'm wrong.

posted on 18/4/19

Seems simple to me. Shows he has the money to efl to fund club or he doesn't get it. Back as we were and go in admin.

posted on 19/4/19

The Easter weekend starts here we have the possibility of relegation today perhaps Monday or another day depending on results elsewhere.

Now I'm not a religious man there's a story linking everything that's gone and this weekend.
Not long ago I did see some what I assume were younger fans questioning why we have a club Chaplin perhaps they need reminding we've always had one for a reason leading right back to our clubs roots.
I best wait and see if the Beano do something

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