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Top 6 Sack Race

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posted on 24/6/19

He has done well with Moldr at times in the Europa.

But it is correct that he is an unknown quantity in how he will manage.

People refer to his time at Cardiff, but that was a set up for failure. Many at the time said it was the wrong move.

At United, he has a strong connection. That will only get him so far. He needs help and having Ed in charge of signings is like managing with your hands tied behind your back. There is a reason why Klopp rejected the chance to manage United. The pressure is high and you have someone describing United like Disney land. Jose and Van Gaal also haven't done well - two very successful managers who have aired their gripes about the issues above them when they were there. I don't think even Pep could do a job here in the current situation.

Our issues go above the manager. One of the good things about Ole managing us is that the spotlight has shifted to those above that position, to that of Ed and Judge.

Out of the managers to get sacked, I don't think Pep, Klopp nor Poch are in a position to get sacked. They could have a season like Conte in his second season at Chelsea and the top brass won't sack them.

If Frank gets the gig, unless Chelsea are fighting relegation, would be pretty safe too due to the transfer ban and bring in the youth.

That leaves Ole and Emery. Both managers who have a harder job than others bar Frank. One due to financial issues and other by incompetence above him. Both teams need the right signings to be made in order to play as their managers want and need to get rid of players who can't. At the moment it doesn't seem like the case that will happen. I would say both need at least another two seasons to get to close to what their managers want. Unlike Klopp taking over at Liverpool, United and Arsenal haven't fallen that low where fans want style and progree before top four.

They'd be my favourites for the sack due to the reasons I listed.

posted on 24/6/19

I think Ole will surprise everyone! he may get Man-united out of regelation

posted on 24/6/19

comment by Neo- European Champions (U9135)

posted 8 hours, 12 minutes ago

comment by Redinthehead - FreeGaza - فلسطين (U1860)
posted 7 minutes ago
So how does it feel?
League one Ole's at the wheel..
was that peppa pig he ran over?

posted on 24/6/19

comment by San Miguel (U1449)
posted 18 hours, 36 minutes ago
comment by Manfrombelmonty (U1705)
posted 49 minutes ago
Ole will be the first to go, without a doubt. He’s already proven himself to be incompetent
Finished higher than Klopp in his first season

Have some of them apples
Great, keep him, who gives a fluck.😂

posted on 24/6/19


comment by bomdia (U13941)

posted on 28/6/19

Great article, has to be 6 stars from everyone.

posted on 28/6/19

comment by Automatic For The People (U21889)
posted 3 days, 21 hours ago
Indeed. Great achievement.

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