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Big week

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posted on 2/10/19

Team vs Lille:

KZ/CA AC Tomori 
RJ Kante Jorginho Alonso 
Mount Tammy Cal



RJ AC Tomori Alonso
Kante Kovacic
Puli Mount Cal

My preference, before international break.

posted on 2/10/19

Kante fit, Mount playing 90 (big loss against Valencia), RJ stretching play and finishing big chances will be useful.

Should be able to toy with an equally young Lille side, impose our game on them (like Ajax did).

posted on 2/10/19

Tammy & Batshuayi birthday goals today?

comment by jp1911 (U9072)

posted on 2/10/19

Would love to see James in at least one of these games but not sure if Frank will move him into the first team just yet

posted on 2/10/19

For the purposes of RJ being a infinitely bigger/better attacking threat than Azpi at fullback/wingback, a natural modern fullback (which is crucial to football nowadays) and Azpi needing a break (rotation), we'll see him start sooner rather than later.

Frank already prepping RJ to come straight in (hence the constant talking up about how big & important he is).

posted on 2/10/19

Official starting lineup:

Azpi Tomori Zouma
RJ Kante Jorg Alonso
Willian Tammy Mount

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