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posted on 18/2/20

comment by reddave (U8660)
posted 23 hours, 16 minutes ago
Are you serious about Cash, it was a perfectly timed’ robust’ challenge, no more than that, your player was immediately back on his feet, only Bilic, a former centre half complained, let’s face it he was no angel, but you wouldn’t expect him to be. Unless you want to ban tackling altogether, I am afraid your point doesn’t hold water. Your ‘goal’ was correctly ruled out, no debate.
I am sure you probably will get promoted this season, but hardly any of your players are good enough for the prem, and thugs like Livermore certainly aren’t.
One thing we can agree on, the ref had a shocker, but his assistants were no better.
Yep, i'm serious. Livermore's "foul" was no worse.

As for whether our players are good enough for the Prem, we can worry about that once we're promoted but i'd say Ajayi, Furlong, Ferguson, Gibbs, Pereira, Krovinovic are all more than good enough. We've then got 5-6 players who are decent squad players so we'll need 5-6 new players in the summer who are an improvement on what we've got.

I'm hoping West Ham get relegated because the signs are that Diangana would like to join us and i'd imagine Robinson would be keen too.

So 2 centre forwards, a centre back and a defensive midfielder would do it!

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