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Newcastle takeover off?

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posted on 26/5/20

Do not have anything to do with Saudi Arabia. They think that their investments in foreign companies will mellow international opinion regarding the atrocities and inhumanities they perform and condone. They will sell out and leave the club worse off. They give Muslims a bad name by their total intolerance of any other religion. They consider non-muslims to be lower than dogs. They will just be using the club for their own financial purposes and won't give a damn about the club, its history or the fans. Read up on them and then tell them to get back on their camel and ride out of town.

posted on 26/5/20

Saudi Arabia should be nowhere near our beautiful game. For two reasons.

(1) No state should have a controlling interest in a football club, or even any direct investment. That totally drives a coach and horses through the integrity of the came.

(2) Saudi Arabia has a despicable rights record and a total arrogance concerning the rule of law. The latest incident where the son of Kashoggi "decides" to pardon his killers is just one more step which started with Kashoggi's killing abroad in the most brutal fashion.

posted on 27/5/20

The sad fact is they will bring too much money into the game to be denied.

The powers that be will have pound signs before their eyes and approve the takeover regardless of the facts

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