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Horse Riding

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comment by Tomkins (U1116)

posted on 15/3/12

It is frowned upon

posted on 29/3/12

In most situations it is actively encouraged.

However, it's a gamble in the modern day, especially if you are planning on riding multiple horses over a short period of time.

posted on 10/4/12

Anfield Rap makes a good point. How man horses and for how long? I'd say maximum 8 for a time of 13 minutes

posted on 24/4/12

posted on 24/5/12

Sorry I have not been on to read your advice, esteemded members of the riding fraternity. Unfortunately I have been seeking medical advice and treatment for a nasty rash contracted as a result of bareback riding. I will indeed make sure I saddle up before I ride my pony again

posted on 22/11/12


posted on 3/12/12

who gave you my email?

posted on 3/12/12


posted on 3/12/12

But Dave doesnt have a computer, nor is he literate

posted on 3/12/12

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posted on 20/8/13

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posted on 22/8/13

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posted on 26/10/13


posted on 28/10/13

Wyldes (Pre-Lamb) - To weaken Diane at the Woolpack (10th March 2009)

posted on 3/11/13

Frank Lampenstein

posted on 3/11/13

Composition with Fruit, Guitar and Glass. 1912. Pablo Picasso.

posted on 7/5/14

Fears are growing for a woman after fire destroyed a house in a village on the Aberdeenshire coast.

posted on 6/7/16

Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove vie to take on May

posted on 29/1/17


posted on 6/8/17

World Championships 2017: Tori Bowie claims 100m gold in thrilling final

posted on 31/1/18

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posted on 4/7/19

However, Johnson did not have the more common adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. It was later discovered that he had a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor (PanNET), a less virulent and more treatable form of the disease.

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