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D'Js Hip-Hop Thread

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posted on 23/7/19

Apparently that Martin Shrekli or whatever his name is, has to sell that Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album. Would love for the Wu to win the bid at the auction and just release it for us.

posted on 25/7/19

comment by Michael Edwards FC {Proud owner of the 5 000 000th comment} (U2720)
posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago
I think middle child is hardest Cole song I heard recently and even those bars are baby thighs soft.
been listening to it alot recently and he does go hard imo, good message in the song with the double meaning.

Been listening to Friday Night lights and sideline story though, seemed much more rounded back then for me. Much better storytelling and bars. It feels like he's just gone too conscious nowadays to the point where he just rambles.

posted on 29/7/19

Simba series will probably always be his best songs imo

posted on 29/7/19

Well that Chance album is trash

posted on 29/7/19

Massive Chance fan but yeah not a fan of it. I liked Coloring Book (an album most OG fans aren’t a fan of compared to his first two mixtapes) but this felt like a bit of a damp squib..no energy. Not helped by the length. Forgettable on first listen. Having said hat you can still appreciate the production he puts in his songs and maybe it’ll get better with multiple listens.

posted on 29/7/19

I think a lot of you guys may like Rich Brian’s latest album, The Sailor. For those that don’t know he’s an Indonesian rapper, used to go by the name of Tich Chigga. He basically grew up listening to American rap and when he was like 17 (probably only about 20/21 now) moved to USA to pursue his music career. One of his influences is/was Tyler which I think you can hear in his style.

posted on 29/7/19

*Rich Chigga

posted on 29/7/19

Both Acid Rap and Coloring Book were better focused projects. Especially production wise. This one seems all over the place. No direction at all.

posted on 15/8/19

Just saw an article on the main board about the best year for albums. There was also a similar thing done for movies on that board...so which do we prefer for hip hop?

Off the top I can think 96:

All Eyez on Me
Reasonable Doubt
It Was Written
The Score
The 7 Day Theory
Illadelph Halflife
Hell on Earth

posted on 15/8/19

Going a year earlier.

GZA, Rae and Meth solo albums
My favourite Pac album (me against the world)
Big L, Lifestylez of the poor and dangerous
The Infamous Mobb Deep
The Roots Do ya want More
Tha Dogg Pound, Dogg Food
Tha Pharcyde, Labcabincalifornia
Cypress Hill, Temple of Boom
AZ Do or Die
Luniz, Stackola
LL, Mr Smith
Bone Thugs, E. Eternal 1999

Definitely somewhere from 92 to 96 for me.

posted on 15/8/19

Ol Dirty not Meth in 95.

posted on 15/8/19

88 not a bad year either

The Great Adventures of Slick Rick
By All Means Necessary
Strictly Business
Long Live the Kane
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Follow the Leader
Straight Outta Compton
Lyte as a Rock
In Control, Volume 1

posted on 15/8/19

Not to sound like old heads that say you can't make music like back in the day...I always say 2011 is probably one of the best years for hip hop in recent times. You had

Watch the Throne
Section 80
Longterm Mentality
Follow Me Home
Return of 4Eva
The Dreamer/The Believer
Fear of God 1 & 2
Cold Day In Hell
Self Rule
Well Done
We Are Renegades
Hell The Sequel

Nostalgia Ultra & House of Balloons...not really hip hop I know.

posted on 30/8/19

Alchemist's Yacht Rock 2 dropped last night.

posted 4 days, 9 hours ago

After many, many listens I declare

Chamber No. 9 > Ghostface Killahs.

Both very good albums though.

posted 4 days, 7 hours ago

Kiwanuka the GOAT hip hop album of 2019

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