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Chelsea upcoming fixtures

Chelsea V Southampton - 17/10/20 - 15:00
Chelsea V Sevilla 20/10/20 - 20:00
Man Utd V Chelsea - 24/10/20 - 17:30
Burnley V Chelsea - 31/10/20 - 15:00

Sheriffs H2H league!:


comment by Superb (U6486)

posted 4 hours, 24 minutes ago

comment by Blarmy (U14547)
posted 37 minutes ago
Do you think would we be doing better in the short term if we had spent the Kai money on Rice?

comment by Superb (U6486)

posted 4 hours, 21 minutes ago

comment by Nickasaurus (U9257)
posted 11 minutes ago
Never seen him play npe, will have to see how he gets on for the sc(_)mbags.
I still think we have strong midfield options. Just a shame that jorgino, who i rate, is too slow imo for the pl or top level.

I agree. In any other year I think we'd have moved Jorginho on in the summer. But there was so much going on in the transfer window that it just didn't happen. Sarri getting sacked by Juve didn't help either.

posted 4 hours, 19 minutes ago

Yeah 100%, we would have probably got rid of him, one of alonso or emerson and a few others (bats more than just a loan).

Still not 100% on rice though, could be a huge bust, see him overrun for west ham a fair bit and then he plays a blinder. Raw potential or just the type of player he is.
A lot of players dont excel in that position till later in life as well (pirlo,makelele, keane, vieira). Usually most good dms start as a box to box and then regress as their legs go a bit.

posted 2 hours, 49 minutes ago

I personally think Rice a sit all and if it aint us it will be City or Liverpool for him. Hope it is us.

posted 1 hour, 54 minutes ago

Kovacic - Rice - Havertz would be a balanced midfield three.

posted 1 hour, 7 minutes ago


posted 1 hour, 2 minutes ago

comment by SuperFrank (U15103)
posted 1 hour, 46 minutes ago
I personally think Rice a sit all and if it aint us it will be City or Liverpool for him. Hope it is us.
what makes you think that? What do you think he excels at?

comment by Bov (U6696)

posted 1 hour ago

We offered £45m for Rice. We even offered players like Barkley and RLC if press is to believed. WHUFC want £80m. This is crazy money for someone who is mostly potential pretty much like Mount a potentially great player but would we expect £80m for him? Of course not. As the season wears on and grounds are not generating income it will bite and maybe then WH will accept £45m

comment by T.J (U15973)

posted 51 minutes ago

I think he's bang average

posted 48 minutes ago

comment by T.J (U15973)
posted 1 minute ago
I think he's bang average
I think you're right...he's young & English & decent enough...that's about it

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