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Second Signing Syndrome

Once again, guys, silly season is upon us and I, yet again, come to you fed up of reading through Economics books as I've come to the conclusion the answer for my exams is as simple as:


....Moving swiftly on, the capture of Kagawa has excited a lot of fans with many mooting at formation changes and the prospect of what he can bring to the team.

Many seem to think the announcement will be the start of a repeat of years gone by, where we settle our business swiftly and let the international tournaments play on, inflating everyone's prices (inflating - economics - get it??).

Strootman has come up tonight, the infamous Wiki wars continue and I get the sense that a lot of us have a feeling something is in the offing. But who?

IMO, we need a CM/DM and I'd be content with that. Many screaming for a striker and a left back too, I can see their points but I think our defense wouldn't have come under as much scrutiny as it did last season if the opposition weren't able to overrun our CMs so easily for large parts of the season.

I also think Evra picked up a bit of form toward the end and he basically plays more games for us than anyone, surely a sign he's not about to be replaced? Hence Fabio's loan move (why would we sign a 'long term successor' when Fabio is being loaned out!? A CL final starting, 21/22 year old, incredibly promising LB!?).

On the striker front; Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez and Macheda in our ranks, is that sufficient for a full season?

SAF has often declared his belief in Macheda and, after a couple unsuccessful loans (which SAF deemed 'unlucky' due to management issues etc.) is he about to take it on himself to give Kiko the game time needed to develop?

Personally, I like Kiko, seems a good lad and at times showed glimpses of fantastic technical ability, my only fear is he is that 'classy' type of player that Berb has shown us don't fit in as well as they should? I think Berb is outstanding, so I'd be very happy to let a toned down, more mobile version of him try his luck from a very young age.

If Rooney and Welbeck got injured for a month or so each, though, would a front line of Hernandez and Macheda strike fear into the eyes of defenders? Or into the eyes of our distraught fans? The creativity Kagawa could bring, as well as this potential formation change, might see a lot of pressure taken off of our strikers IMO, in the sense that they'll need to finish the chances, rather than create them.

Afterall, Macheda and Hernandez are hands down the two best finishers at the club.

So guys, thoughts? Other opinions? Will the economy ever leave me alone? And was Asamoah really raised in the jungle by lions (wiki again)?

The board seems a lot more friendly now, too. Enjoying it!

posted on 6/6/12

And who could you see us going for in that category that we wouldn't have to pay 15-20mil for, bearing in mind he'll likely be 4th choice.

Defoe? I cannot think of anyone else. I'm sure our scouts are onto it.

posted on 6/6/12

Macheda's team play is very weak and he just flatters to deceive without offering much.

Without significant improvement he has no future at United.

posted on 6/6/12



As you requested.

I understand what you're saying, he's never going to slate a player, but I think a lot us can see he is particularly fond of Kiko, and a statement like that is a bit more than required for a confidence boost.

posted on 6/6/12

Kissing Cameras,

Defoe had I think two starts at Tottenham, not exactly promising of a 29 year old (might be wrong on the age), i think if we were desperately in need of a striker, though, we'd find a very good one in that category, I just can't see it, personally, SAF is fond of his strikers though!


I agree he needs a huge improvement, but the lad's 21 I think now so he has time on his side.

posted on 6/6/12

He is a terrible player. Was so excited after his Villa goal. I really thought he was going to make it at United. But he seems to think he has already made it. He is lazy and he link up play is on her with Hernandez's.

posted on 6/6/12

Ozil makes a good point, one that I agree with bar the link up play (not the best but Hernandez is particularly poor in that area).

You'd think that with players like AV and Park, Rio etc. at the club that they'd instill into out players the need to train, train, train.

I have no problem with his arrogance, arrogance can be a good quality sometimes, look at C. Ronaldo, but only if it comes hand in hand with a sense of humility.

posted on 6/6/12

bit of talk a few weeks back about an 18 year old from universidad de chile called angelo henriquez who according to tim vickery(bbc SA football expert) could be the next big thing, who we apparantly have first option on until 2014 for £4 million.

posted on 6/6/12

I think those talking about another forward dont understand where Kagawa plays. Why would we need another forward player to replace Berbatov when we've just bought a 10 to add to Rooney who also plays that role, and we have Hernandez and welbeck as lead forwards. That's four already assuming Macheda and Berbatov go. We also have young Keane on the books even if injured now.

Seriously yet another forward player would be mental given the needs we have in cm and at full back in the squad.

posted on 7/6/12

VCD, totally agree mate and said it for some time now. He looks tame when he plays, not awful just nothing particularly good. I can imagine him going for some stint in Russia or somewhere random before settling at a Wigan level team in Italy.

Really don't rate him and never expect him to score. At least with Chicha, Rooney and Wellbeck, part of you thinks, he'll likely bag one.

'That goal' was amazing, don't get me wrong and it was just the craziest moment to score in that way etc but he is still eating off it and it's past being old now...

posted on 7/6/12

I think the people slating Macheda on here are a bit harsh – the guy was loaned out to get first team football and improve on those areas that need work like his touch and link up play. To me I see him as a sort of old fashioned english centre forward – he will never have pace but I think as he gets older he will get bigger and stronger and end up as a sort of shearer/van nistelrooy type player who will back into defenders and hold the ball up. People forget he’s only 20 if anything being at united as probably hindered him – if he had come through the ranks at another club he would probably being playing first team football and everyone on here would be saying how we should sign this kid. Welbeck only made his breakthrough at this age so I don’t see why people are being so impatient

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