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Did anyone watch the red button forum...

after the Wire v Wigan game yesterday?

Some interesting points raised yesterday with regards to licensing and expansion.

Jonathan 'Jiffy' Davies expressed doubts over the value of Quins' place in Super League - questioning whether the development work in London would really suffer if Quins dropped down to the Championship.

His view seemed to be that relegation wouldn't hit Quins as hard as it would the likes of Wakey/Salford/Cas. John Kear (understandingly protective of his own club) seemed to agree, with Kear bringing Wakey's "very strong" license application to the table. He also cited the Wildcats' decent attendance figures - I guess comparing them to Quins'; without actually saying as much - and claimed it'd be a tragedy for the game if these crowds were lost. Brian Noble seemed more cautious on the matter - avoiding giving a clear-cut yes or no answer - maybe because of his time at Cru's?

We all know Quins have always struggled pulling in the punters; but is that the be-all? Are healthy crowds what define a worthy franchise?

Davies seemed to think a stable part-time, second tier Quins outfit (essentially a SL feeder club, if the London based talent was good enough) would be more beneficial to London than a floundering top flight one? Do you agree or do you think the capital needs the TV exposure to bring in the kids? We hear of fantastic participation figures in the capitals schools, but why aren't these kids pulling on a Quins shirt and going down the Stoop every fortnight? Could TV exposure of an empty stadium and uninspiring performances actually be compromising the drive to create fans as well as players?

What do the expansionists among us think? Would the plight to spread the 'RL gospel' be harmed if Quins took a 3yr break from the big time? I'm an expansionist at heart, but do wonder about the validity of a London based SL franchise.

I know this subject has been discussed before, but it's rare you hear pundits - especially those with roots outside 'the heartlands' - expressing anything but clich├ęd views. I thought yesterdays forum was quite refreshing tbh...

posted on 26/7/11

Wakefield and Salford are 2 heartland clubs that rely on travelling fans don't they?

posted on 27/7/11

oh dear brycey, i feel ur pain.

bozo.. lmfao.

i love that one.

donut too, i like that. u should use donut. its has a certain cahe.


oh and "educated opinions"

lmoa, i havent seen one of those for ages bryco, u got a link??


posted on 27/7/11

Shame you cannot back up your point of view Cheese.
I like a good debate, Alas it seems yet again you fail to grasp the nettle on what succesful expansion of our game requires.
Your right Big Fella, sadly Salford do rely on visiting supporters, Maybe that will change when they have the facilities to encourage more families ?
Wakey are the same, But they have increased their home support this year with some marketing ideas, Whatever they have been, Another club who should encourage more fans when they improve their stadium a little, A roof would help, Little kids dont like being either soaked to the bone or frazzled by the sun.

posted on 27/7/11



100 yrs .....5000 a game.


posted on 27/7/11

Your deluded cheese,
Pray tell how many fans should Wakey be attracting ?
Small city, Cas, Fev n Rhinos on doorstep, Just like Hudds a lack of success for the last 50 years.
Lets not forget, Leeds Utd, Barnsley and both Sheffield clubs aswell all the 21st century alternatives, For a minority sport and the dated facilities 5k home fans aint a bad turnout in my opinion.

posted on 27/7/11


100 yrs, cant attract a decent crowd in a town without a football team of note. shocking.

100 yrs, admin how often??

19th century ground??

broken promise after broken promise ??

and im deluded? lmfao.

posted on 27/7/11

Do you actually read what anyone writes ?
Or do you always constantly spout garbage ?
You have not backed up your Keep Quins argument, Blown out of the water.
Now it is pick on Wakey (again) time, Boring.
Yes Wakeys ground is outdated, Yes Wakey have been badly run in the past, Who knows what the current incumbents can achieve ? I dont.

Whats with the 100 years cheesecake ?
One hundred years ago saw 60-70k clicking through the Leeds rd turnstiles, 30k clicking through the Fartown turnstiles and the Archduke Ferdinand ruling the roost over the Astro-Hungarian empire, What on earth has 100 years got to do with anything that goes on now ?

posted on 27/7/11



posted on 27/7/11

Great answer cheese, That is why i never usually bother reading anything you post, It is normally inane drivel that contradicts stuff you have come out with before, You should work for the RFL you would fit in well.

posted on 29/7/11

u never bother yet u cant stop replying??


keep em comin bryco... just take yer time eh.

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