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Which teams do football writers support?

Have you ever read a newspaper article, and thought," this guy is talking absolute crap, I wonder what his agenda is?!"

I usually get this way when I read a James Olley article in the Evening Standard about spurs..

I usually think, what a lot of bollox this is. Well its because he is an arsenal fan.

Journalists are like the rest of us, and they all support a club.
I found this great article on a spurs only website where posters gradually contributed their knowledge of who journalists support, and they ended up with a comprehensive list.

Here is the list – as far as they got

The Telegraph
Chris Bascombe: Liverpool
Luke Edwards: Newcastle
Roddy Forsyth: Rangers
Thom Gibbs: QPR
Alan Hansen: Liverpool
John Ley: Arsenal
Jonathan Liew : Spurs
Mark Ogden: Manchester United
Matt Scott: Arsenal
Alan Smith: Arsenal
Alan Tyers: Hibernian
Jeremy Wilson: Arsenal
Henry Winter: Chelsea & John Terry

The Times
Patrick Barclay: Dundee
Oliver Kay: Liverpool
Gabriele Marcotti: Chelsea (season ticket holder anyway)
George Caulkin: Newcastle
Tony Evans: Liverpool
Matt Hughes: Arsenal
Peter Lansley: Wolves
Rory Smith: Liverpool

The Independent
James Lawton: Arsenal?
Sam Wallace: Arsenal?
Ian Herbert: Wrexham
Simon Rice: Arsenal

The Guardian
Paul Doyle: Arsenal?
Dominic Fifield: Crystal Palace
David Lacey: Arsenal
Amy Lawrence: Arsenal
Kevin McCarra: Celtic
Jacob Steinberg: West Ham
Daniel Taylor: Nottingham Forest
Louise Taylor: Sunderland
Brian Glanville: Arsenal
John Ashdown: Sheffield United

The Sun
Shaun Custis: Newcastle
Simon Barnes: Arsenal

The Daily Mail
Martin Samuel: West Ham
Matt Lawton: Arsenal
Matt Fortune: Arsenal
Neil Moxley: Everton

The Mirror
Oliver Holt: Stockport County
Martin Lipton: Spurs
Darren Lewis: Liverpool
Simon Bird: Newcastle
James Nursey: Norwich
John Cross: Arsenal
Matt Law: Aston Villa

does anyone dispute any of these? can anyone add any more..? and can anyone confirm the ones with question marks...

there seems to be LOADS of goooners

admins please multiboard

posted on 4/12/12


It is though.

It's hilarious seeing Liverpool and United fans claim conspiracies AGAINST them and claim Chelsea AND Arsenal are on the receiving end of good press

I even read an LFC blog on an external site that claimed JT was a media darling and a United fan that claimed Giggs got far more stick over his affair than JT did with his

Northerners are friendly folk but have a huge chip on their shoulder

Southerners are just arrogant tosspots that think they are above all and sundry.

Midlanders are both combined

comment by LEE1PEN (U6707)

posted on 4/12/12

Up to a point your right Didi but at what stage was lauding Chelsea the first CL team in london to win it. So what? London was in England last I heard. The first British team to win it wern't lauded as the first Glasweigan team to win it. FFS Villa, Nots Forrest have both won it and we didnt hear about first West Midland or east midland club to win it.

comment by HRH (U15236)

posted on 5/12/12

I quite like the fella in the Standard - Dan Something? I think he's a Chelsea fan but a decent read.

Martin Samuel is shocking. A proper toad

comment by HRH (U15236)

posted on 5/12/12

Every club's fans think they get a rough deal or are hated by the press - it's a victim mentality.

The truth is papers are there to make money, not push Sport agendas. There may be individual bias by reporters but no club is systematically hounded by the whole press

comment by Chronic (U3423)

posted on 5/12/12

comment by HRH Ledley, King of the Lane (U15236)
posted 11 minutes ago
I quite like the fella in the Standard - Dan Something? I think he's a Chelsea fan but a decent read.

Martin Samuel is shocking. A proper toad


Dan jones? He is a plank too IMO. He's ok about other things but when he writes about spurs I fun it abundantly clear that he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Tom collomossee is the spurs correpsondent and he only writes about spurs, and quite well. Jones and olley write about spurs too, despite knowing nothing

comment by HRH (U15236)

posted on 5/12/12

I liked his CL write-ups when we were in it - he seemed genuinely enthralled

posted on 11/4/17

wallace... chelsea?

posted on 3/6/17

The one I always remembr is a few years ago when Gary Lineker said on MOTD that the head of sport at the BBC is a Middlesbrough fan but he hates Arsenal and the former one was a Totteringham fan so hated Arsenal as well. He admitted it influenced the BBC coverage and they had a laugh about Arsenal bashing.

comment by Spurtle (U1608)

posted on 3/6/17

Isn't Darren Lewis a Spurs supporter?

comment by IAmMe (U18491)

posted on 7/10/23

Back in the day when the printed media (generally, and laughably, referred to as 'newspapers' ...) was the major cultural influence, most of the reporters, and those that were, equally laughably, referred to as journalists/writers were London-centric.

It's partially a hangover effect from that era, but it is still an issue. The amount of positive press the cheats and thugs of AFC received during Wenger's time had nothing to do with proper reasoned and unbiased football analysis.

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