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Australia to host ranking event

Australia is to stage a ranking tournament for the first time as World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn attempts to expand the game's reach.

The Australian Goldfields Open will take place in Bendigo between 18-24 July 2011, with a three-year deal signed to stage the event.

"Snooker is going global like never before," said Hearn.

"We also have new events in Thailand and Brazil within the next few months, plus many more in the pipeline."

Australia produced its first world champion when Neil Robertson claimed the crown in 2010.

"This is a long-standing dream come true for me, as I am sure it is for many snooker players and fans in Australia," said Robertson.

"To have a world ranking event in my home state will be just unbelievable and I hope to get a lot of support."

Another good idea from Barry Hearn expanding the sport on a larger level,more overseas tournament will get alot more people interested and wanting to play Snooker. Barry Hearns just keeps on making the game better and better without him I think Snooker would still be living in the 20th century

posted on 28/5/11

Its excellent news. Mr Hearn sure is spreading the game and generating loads of interest. Australia will be a great host as they always are when it comes to sporting events.

comment by kinsang (U3346)

posted on 28/5/11

Hopefully it'll inspire a few more Australians to take up the game. I think it's one factor that us UK based folk don't appreciate enough, and that's how tough it is for players from outside the UK to have to be away from their home for long periods of the year - that brings about its own unique type of pressure.

posted on 28/5/11

As an expat myself Kinsang, i know full well how hard it is to aclimatise to another country and it is not easy. You really have hit the nail on the head there, its not just snooker ability but its also moving to a new country, learning the language and adjusting to the culture.
That puts alot of pressure on players.

posted on 29/5/11

Yeah because the players will have to learn how to speak Aussie (You add "mate" to the end of every sentence). Sorry, that was just a little joke.

It'll be interesting, the next few years. Where's Barry getting all this prize money from?

posted on 30/5/11

The Aussies are never short of sponsors for sports events TSC so i cant see that being an issue.

comment by Maksi (U2561)

posted on 16/7/11

I see the skum bag that is Osullivan did not quite make the journey out there. Good riddance to the thing and his poorly little back/neck or whatever else is upsetting this misfit. Australian snooker will do just fine concerntrating on snooker and not on some bloke picking his nose, backside or any other orifice that the camera happens to be pointing at at the time

posted on 13/12/16

Jim Best: Trainer found guilty by second panel of ordering jockey not to win

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