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Eirian Williams - Worst Ref Ever?

Normally, I would not attack a referee, but it's the reason for why this referee has failed that annoy me. And the reason is, he is an arrogant, closed minded fool. He was a cop before this, and I am not sure how well he performed those duties because he is clearly not a people person, and comes across to me as a bully. I have had the misfortune of being present at a venue where this man was using his gung-ho approach to stop me and a few friends giving support to Ding and Wenbo between frames (and between visits). But more than that, he has made 2 almighty mistakes with the game.

The first was when Mark Williams wanted the balls replacing against Selby in the [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjgmPepA7hc]Shanghai Masters final[/url]. Eirian had already said it was a foul, Selby and Mark had agreed, yet Eirian then called upon replay footage to determine if it was a foul; a foul he and the other 2 players had already agreed upon. The video footage was inconclusive, yet Eirian was not in the mood to listen to anyone; instead he reversed his ruling. It was insane. Mark Williams would go on to lose, tell Eirian he needed to get his eyes tested, and claim he was robbed. And he was.

I can't think of another referee who has made bigger mistakes than Eirian Williams. His latest clanger was in replacing the balls in the match with Stevens and Robertson. His laughable mistake [url=http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/snooker-stevens-finds-killer-touch-upset-trump-095021939.html]cost Stevens the frame[/url].

The problem with Eirian is, he is too busy trying to bully people into submission than to LISTEN to what they are saying. He believes he cannot be wrong. You can see from his comments in the video that he is simply not paying any attention. He has made up his mind, he is the ref, Hawkeye must be wrong, so shut up.

Time for you to retire, Eirian. Or get sacked.

The only defence I can muster for Eirian is that the miss rule is a complete joke that should never have been created in the first place. It makes a mockery of the sport.

posted on 16/3/13

I much prefer Michaela and Zhu Ying refereeing, I think the future is lady referees

posted on 18/3/13

He seems really cold when I've seen him on TV.

posted on 25/1/16


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