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World Championship 2013

This is the thread to discuss all 17 days of the 2013 World Championship from the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.


Ronnie O'Sullivan 18-12 Barry Hawkins

Ronnie O'Sullivan 17-11 Judd Trump
Ricky Walden 14-17 Barry Hawkins

Ding Junhui 7-13 Barry Hawkins
Shaun Murphy 12-13 Judd Trump
Ronnie O'Sullivan 13-4 Stuart Bingham
Ricky Walden 13-6 Michael White

Michael White 13-3 Dechawat Poomjaeng
Shaun Murphy 13-11 Graeme Dott
Barry Hawkins 13-10 Mark Selby
Marco Fu 7-13 Judd Trump
Stuart Bingham 13-10 Mark Davis
Mark King 9-13 Ding Junhui
Ronnie O'Sullivan 13-8 Ali Carter
Robert Milkins 11-13 Ricky Walden

Ronnie O'Sullivan 10-4 Marcus Campbell
Ricky Walden 10-1 Michael Holt
Mark Williams 6-10 Michael White
Barry Hawkins 10-3 Jack Lisowski
Shaun Murphy 10-5 Martin Gould
John Higgins 6-10 Mark Davis
Mark Allen 8-10 Mark King
Graeme Dott 10-6 Peter Ebdon
Stephen Maguire 9-10 Dechawat Poomjaeng
Ali Carter 10-4 Ben Woollaston
Judd Trump 10-5 Dominic Dale
Ding Junhui 10-5 Alan McManus
Matthew Stevens 7-10 Marco Fu
Mark Selby 10-4 Matthew Selt
Neil Robertson 8-10 Robert Milkins
Stuart Bingham 10-2 Sam Baird

posted on 7/5/13

yer I think it can....has anyone else this championship had the applause and fans as firmly behind them as he has?

posted on 7/5/13

it must be more than that though musnt it ? the crowd used to love ray reardon, but you wouldn't say he was one of the most naturally gifted players would you ?

posted on 7/5/13

The standard of this years World Championship has been pretty poor though compared to previous years.

comment by kinsang (U3346)

posted on 7/5/13

For me, I guess naturally gifted means a mixture of things, such as making the game look easy, pulling off shots that very few others can do / or will try to do, playing with a certain amount of flair, and just looking very at ease around the table. Indeed, there is an aesthetic factor that makes a natural player more entertaining to watch, and it happens in most sports.

E.g. - in tennis, the likes of a McEnroe or Federer, in golf someone like Seve, and in snooker, Alex Higgins, Jimmy White and Ronnie.

A lot of naturally gifted sportsmen aren't necessarily consistent winners, perhaps Federer being the exception, but there is almost something 'magical' about them that endear them to the crowd. Hendry has all the titles, but O'Sullivan has produced sessions of play that truely are breath-taking.

posted on 7/5/13

I suppose the natural talent of Ronnie means his standards have never dipped, unlike Henry who nosedive about 32, Ronnie at 37 is as good if not better than Ronnie at 20,slightly slower perhaps, but more clinical.

comment by 8bit (U2653)

posted on 7/5/13

With Ronnie it's just the ease and effortlessness he plays with, knocking in a 147 in 5 mins, incredible with his left hand, phenomenal cue ball control. He can play so quick because his speed of thought is so fast and sees everything unfolding in his brain. You don't get extra points for any of that but he can just do things nobody else can or could, hard to explain.

I think it comes down to preference between him and Hendry, ROS has more of that genius element but Hendry had plenty to his game that I'm sure Ronnie would love to have. The fact they both say each other is the greatest and have a lot of mutual respect says a lot.

posted on 7/5/13

No matter what site you go on, whenever Ronnie wins a major tournament, the Hendry-O' Sullivan debate pops up again, usually due to the knee-jerk reactions of the bbc commentators. Weren't they calling John higgins the GOAT a couple of years ago.

This site thankfully is much better on that front than others.

I'm beginning to despise the word GOAT.

comment by kinsang (U3346)

posted on 7/5/13

There will always be debate in any sport about who is the greatest, because it is so subjective and can never be measured. Laver / Federer in tennis, Nicklaus/ Woods in golf, Ronnie/Hendry in snooker etc. Probably the one 'sport' that can be agreed on is Phil Taylor in darts.

posted on 8/5/13

Ronnie says he won't play in China unless they pay him to go over there, I believe Ronnie will play in the UK Championships in December & the Masters In January.

posted on 11/5/13

Alright chaps

Just thought I'd let you know, I've just made a small discussion area for us Snooker fans to keep it active and alive as much as possible and to hopefully to attract some more members during the bigger tournaments and to the Snooker board as well as it becomes more popular.


Be lovely to see most of you come along and help out the cause.

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