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Playing handball (contd)

Hey its back up!!!!
A toast to ja606 for giving us handballers our meeting place back
to discuss all things handball, Cheers.


Hope to see some old names back on here, anyway must dash, yep you got it
in one, "GAME ON"

posted on 6/6/11

Help needed !!!!!!

Picked up an injury in "training" this morning (its really sore).
Does anybody have any good tips on blisters, its on my palm and is about 2cm (not a blood blister) Some say pop it but some say this can risk an infection.
I would be grateful of any advice to speed up recoverey process.
I have been told I could be out of "action" for two weeks and to make thinds worse it's my writing hand so my work is suffering as well.
Gutted. Game not on!!!!!!!!

posted on 8/6/11

Go southpaw, it's the future

posted on 9/6/11

Cheers wiretapper that made me laugh
Its really hard not being able play, the time really drags and the tension just keeps building i'm busting to get back .
I hope to have some better news tomorrow when I see the pyhsiotherapist (hope its the old matron and not the new fit girl who looks like Cheryl Cole or I might end up doing an impression of "the bear" Bo -Selecta).
Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!

Game still not on

posted on 11/6/11

Following a good one to one session with matron yesterday it seems all is not as bad as we thought,she has drained the point of friction and prescribed some cream to keep it moist, she says it should heal within the week.
She could sense It was getting me down and told me to keep my chin up and stop feeling sorry for myself.
And the best news she has told me to report in Monday morning to start some light ball work(with Cheryl Cole lookalike)
She also gave me a course of tablets for a week not sure what they're for all I know is they are blue colour.

Coming soon "Game on" fingers crossed!!!!!

posted on 17/6/11

Still stiff I don't think I will be able to come in training today.

Game off

posted on 20/6/11

"GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Still stiff but have started coming in training, Hurray three cheers for handball.........

posted on 12/7/11

WTF is this all about?!

posted on 13/7/11

comment by Doovdé™ (U2996) posted 9 hours, 28 minutes ago

WTF is this all about?!

I take it you've never played handball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 12/8/16

How much is he on FF, if he's gonna play every week then he's more likely to get points as the cheapest midfielder £4.5m than Darren Fletcher.

posted on 31/12/18

Fewer than half of people eligible for a NHS health check in England have taken up the offer, despite it being free to everyone over 40.

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