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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Live

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

In memory of Phillip Hughes. RIP champ

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is here The tournament sees India defend the world title they won on home soil in 2011 after an incredulous campaign. The tournament pits together the 8 top ranked nations and 6 affiliate nations to battle it out for the chance to be crowned World Champions with the tournament hosted across various cities in Australia and New Zealand. The final takes place at the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Ground where the home crowd will be hoping to see The Baggy Greens lift the trophy on home soil on the 29th March.

The format sees two pools of 7 with 4 test playing nations and 3 affiliate nations in each with the top four advancing to the knockout quarter finals.

World Champions: Australia

Highest wicket taker: Mitchell Starc (22 wickets @ 10.18)

Highest run scorer: Martin Guptill (547 runs @ 68.37)

Defending Champions: India

The tables and fixtures are as follows


Pool A Played Won Lost Points Run Rate
New Zealand 6 6 0 12 +2.564
Australia 6 4 1 9 +2.257
Sri Lanka 6 4 2 8 -0.371
Bangladesh 6 3 2 7 +0.136
England 6 2 4 4 -0.753
Afghanistan 6 1 5 2 -1.853
Scotland 6 0 6 0 -2.218

Pool B Played Won Lost Points Run Rate
India 6 6 0 12 +1.827
South Africa 6 4 2 8 +1.707
Pakistan 6 4 2 8 -0.085
West Indies 6 3 3 6 -0.053
Ireland 6 3 3 6 -1.933
Zimbabwe 6 1 5 2 -0.527
UAE 6 0 6 0 -2.032

*The format for the knockouts is as follows: top four teams from each pool qualify for the quarter finals. A1 v B4, B2 v A3, A2 v B3, A4 v B1


No. Date Fixture v Venue Result
1 14th Feb Sri Lanka New Zealand Christchurch
2 14th Feb England Australia Melbourne
3 15th Feb South Africa Zimbabwe Hamilton
4 15th Feb India Pakistan Adelaide
5 16th Feb West Indies Ireland Nelson
6 17th Feb New Zealand Scotland Dunedin
7 18th Feb Bangladesh Afghanistan Canberra
8 19th Feb Zimbabwe UAE Nelson
9 20th Feb England New Zealand Wellington
10 21st Feb Pakistan West Indies Christchurch
11 21st Feb Australia Bangladesh Brisbane N/R
12 22nd Feb Sri Lanka Afghanistan Dunedin
13 22nd Feb South Africa India Melbourne
14 23rd Feb England Scotland Christchurch
15 24th Feb West Indies Zimbabwe Canberra
16 25th Feb Ireland UAE Brisbane
17 26th Feb Afghanistan Scotland Dunedin
18 26th Feb Sri Lanka Bangladesh Melbourne
19 27th Feb South Africa West Indies Sydney
20 28th Feb Australia New Zealand Auckland
21 28th Feb India UAE Perth
22 1st Mar England Sri Lanka Wellington
23 1st Mar Pakistan Zimbabwe Brisbane
24 3rd Mar South Africa Ireland Canberra
25 4th Mar Pakistan UAE Napier
26 4th Mar Australia Afghanistan Perth
27 5th Mar Bangladesh Scotland Nelson
28 6th Mar India West Indies Perth
29 7th Mar Sotuh Africa Pakistan Auckland
30 7th Mar Zimbabwe Ireland Hobart
31 8th Mar New Zealand Afghanistan Napier
32 8th Mar Australia Sri Lanka Sydney
33 9th Mar England Bangladesh Adelaide
34 10th Mar India Ireland Hamilton
35 11th Mar Sri Lanka Scotland Hobart
36 12th Mar South Africa UAE Wellington
37 13th Mar Bangladesh New Zealand Hamilton
38 13th Mar England Afghanistan Sydney
39 14th Mar India Zimbabwe Auckland
40 14th Mar Australia Scotland Hobart
41 15th Mar West Indies UAE Napier
42 15th Mar Pakistan Ireland Adelaide


Stage Date Fixture v Venue Result
Quarter Final 1 18th Mar South Africa Sri Lanka Sydney
Quarter Final 2 19th Mar India Bangladesh Melbourne
Quarter Final 3 20th Mar Australia Pakistan Adelaide
Quarter Final 4 21st Mar New Zealand West Indies Wellington
Semi Final 1 24th Mar South Africa New Zealand Auckland
Semi Final 2 26th Mar Australia India Sydney
The Final 29th Mar Australia New Zealand Melbourne

posted on 1/4/15

Bracken was better than Bichel IMO. Nobody new how to play him. Bichel could bat so not sure if you are including that into your analysis but as a bowler Bracken was better.

Others I agree with.

posted on 1/4/15

Bracken and Bichel were both decent players in great teams.

When Bracken played test cricket, everyone knew how to play him, He really struggled. Bichel was similar when he got an extended run in the side and didn't have the luxury of great bowlers at the other end, he struggled.

I agree that Bracken was a slightly better ODI bowler, but Bichel seemed more of a fighter. Totally committed with bat, ball or in the field. For a fringe player, I would prefer that.

posted on 1/4/15

If I could select an XI from all those players it would be this:


2 points 1999: Warne and Waugh
3 points 2003: Lee, Bevan and Symonds
3 points 2007: Hussey, Tait, Symonds

All the others played in all 3 tournaments. I'd actually argue that had Lee been fit in 2007 it would've been the best bowling attack of all three and even without him I think there is an argument for saying that it is the best Aus team in a World Cup ever. Sure the opposition were pretty dire but Australia absolutely crushed everyone who came their way.

posted on 1/4/15

If we included 2015 Starc would be added instead of Tait but I don't think this 2015 team is of the same caliber as the other 2.

posted on 2/4/15

Game has changed alot from the pre 2007 era to now. Can you back those old players to score 100 in 50 balls? I dont think so. Most of the old players played orthodox shots whereas now you have switch hits, reverse sweep and some other shots that Maxwell play.

Its actually really hard to compare previous teams. Obviously the quality of cricket in general has gone down but its very hard to actually compare teams from previous years. especially in ODIs where lots of rules have changed.

posted on 2/4/15

Agreed Viru with regards to the rules.

However, a number of these unorthodox shots would have been useless against the likes of Ambrose, Akram, Warne, Murali etc.

Yes, it may have come off once or twice, but ultimately it would not be possible and innovation never started recently, it's been going on for years, it comes off more now, because there are not many quality bowlers in World Cricket.

I remember the 1992 World Cup where Mark Greatbatch was scoring runs against everyone trying all sorts of different types of shots, but when he came up against Akram, he was getting beaten virtually every ball, eventually he attacked the other bowler and after hitting a couple, got out to a slower ball.

A lot of people forget that innovation in ODI cricket started a long time ago. People think that innovation has only started since T20 cricket, but back in 1992 NZ were trying all sorts of things from Dipak Patel opening the bowling to Greatbatch pinch hitting. Tendulkar moved from being a middle order batsman to being an opener in ODI.

Jayasuriya and Kaluwitharana took it to a whole new level in 1996. This was continued by the likes of Gilchrist, Sehwag, Afridi etc.

Wasim and Waqar reverse swing was vitually impossible to hit in the final few overs (unless your name is Jadeja). Saqlain bowled the doosra and Murali, Mushtaq and Warne were all used as attacking bowlers in ODI cricket during the 90s.

Australia were playing many all-rounders as early as 1987 and England were reverse-sweeping for fun in 1987 and set the standard in the field in 1992. South Africa (and Jonty Rhodes in particular) took fielding to a different level too.

We all know how West Indies with Joel Garner's yorkers and Viv Richards batting and the effect that had on ODIs.

posted on 2/4/15

Yh that is a fair point. Im wondering how many bowlers of today worldwide can be classified of those olden greats. I can barely think of any. Maybe starc can come close but the rest are pretty much average in ODIs.

posted on 2/4/15

We in England already have Alistair Cook sounding off saying we would have done better if he had not been dropped. Well Alistair the last evidence we have of Captaincy and form in recent Tests and 1 days and being generous it didn't look good did it. No apology, no humility but plenty of lets blame one individual even though that individual was our highest scoring tourer. Question what happens when Mr Cook fails in the West Indies - and he will - you can bet your bottom dollar it will not be Mr Cooks fault.

posted on 2/4/15

comment by virudagreat- beating India in india is ..... (U8738)

posted 2 hours, 21 minutes ago

Yh that is a fair point. Im wondering how many bowlers of today worldwide can be classified of those olden greats. I can barely think of any. Maybe starc can come close but the rest are pretty much average in ODIs.

I think Steyn has been amazing, not as good recently, but he's been amazing for a long time.

Starc may become one, but not there yet. Boult looks good, but a long way to go. Ajmal was good, but I always preferred Saqlain.

I thought Ashwin or Mendis might become amazing spinners, but their careers have stalled as of late.

Can't think of anyone else.

posted on 2/4/15

I think steyn in tests Yes. In odis I cant remember a very good performance from him. But then he hasnt played that many odis.

TBH now tests are not going to last forever. We have already heard Collins proposing a 4 day tests. Soon we will hear tests should not be played at all. The hard fact is there is very little room left to improve tests so that people can come to the stadiums.

The India Aus series had fewer spectators than Big Bash. That itself says alot about where test cricket is heading.

In the recent past we have seen so India Australia and England are playing each other alot in tests. how long will that last for before the public gets bored of seeing the same teams.

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