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The LUFC playing ethos

Was it Antenucci that said the whole ethos of training had changed when Milanic came in? Lack of focus on fitness?

I wonder if the complete change in style in part led Redfearn to retreat into the background. It doesn't feel like Milanic bought into the LUFC way that Cellino clearly felt Hockaday could bring in (fitness, competing, passion, accuracy, technical skills) but he could not deliver results on. Redfearn added a little extra to the vision, providing the figurehead who the players would buy into, but I'm not sure he played the best formation and team. Milanic failed miserably and screwed up.

Let's at least get back to competing - and what has happened to Austin? Is he injured or suspended?

We have a good squad, but one which we all agree lacks width. Adryan has the occasional good touch but doesn't seem to be involved enough, with the same able to be said about Sloth and Bianchi, while Cook probably needs another break. And Byram doesn't seem to be getting much ball-time.

We have a great goalkeeper. The defence on paper is extremely good. The midfield can be very good if played in the right way - we have an abundance of players.

Antenucci, Doukara, Sharp, Adryan, Morison is a good enough front line to compete well, but they need good feed from the midfield.

We have the players, we just haven't had anyone who can knit the right combination with the right tactics. Ensuring the team work as a unit, connecting both vertically and horizontally, with pace, passion, vision and desire (both attacking and defending from the front).

It baffles me that it seems so hard to bring this in, because we do have the players. That is a coach's role. And if a coach cannot at least make us competitive and motivated and choose the right players, then my view is he must go.

But at least get in a coach who has the credentials and experience to be able to do it, listen to them, and let them get on with it. This is the one bit of Cellino's role that he is not good at. He needs to move towards understanding that having the best leader of men costs money and is unlikely to be achieved, and will continue to be his achilles heel, if he feels that he can "get lucky" by bringing in a cheap one.

I disagree with Johnny Giles' kneejerk reaction that Cellino must get out of the club for us to go forward. My view is that Cellino must become a strategic leader for the club, and leave the team management to a really good leader with those specific skills.

posted on 26/10/14

Good article. Still feel we should have persevered with Milanic but we are where we are.

It would be more constructive for Mr Giles, undoubted legend that he is, to offer his services to the club to aid and abet with the decision making progress methinks.

Mr Lorimer and Mr Gray are both there so communication ought not to have been a problem.

I don't doubt that the club would survive post Cellino but bouncing between 2nd and 3rd tier football doesn't enthral me.

posted on 26/10/14

Austin was out with injury. Will be back next game id imagine as he was just a doubt this week

posted on 27/10/14

Wasn't it Morison who said that in an article while he was complaining about not getting more game time....doesn't matter.

I think from memory it was the article that Morison wanted to play a solid 5 a side game where both teams got stuck into each other hard.

I read that article, can't fully remember who said it but, apparently, while hockaday was big on fitness and playing football on ground, Milanic preferred training to be more tactical than fitness, so fitness training was cut back.

Someone mentioned after the Wolves game that we looked like we were tiring.

I believe Redders kept Hockadays training methods as the players seemed to like it, and he obviously kept the players playing football on ground, 2 legacy's that Hockaday left with us despite being no good in all other depts.

Redders obviously added something cos the players played better under him than they did with Hockaday; could be that Redders knows how to talk to the players and get'em all gee'd up.

Darko, instead of keeping both Hockadays and Redders methods, then adding his own actually tinkered with both methods and that's when we started to slide. In all honesty, the enthusiasm and inspiration that Redders added seemed to have waned some what, they didn't seem happy.

Hopefully, Redders can pick up where he left off.

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