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If we'd stuck with BM where would we be ?

I hazard a guess, that we'd be in a lot better nick. Cellino knew that BM had a sub standard squad to work with, that's why we've had such an influx (and an improvement in my mind).But he got rid of him anyway.

I suspect that all the trouble with managers we've had could have be avoided if he'd just given BM a chance early doors.

But hey-ho Cellino moves on for better or worse. Surely though, even Cellino's greatest lovers have got to admit his ability to pick and handle managers is absolutely abysmal.

It amuses me when people say of a job 'I bet I could do better' But in this case how really could anyone do it any worse?

posted on 26/10/14


posted on 27/10/14

Relegated and booking a passage to div 2.

posted on 27/10/14

I am not sure tbh.

I think it is worth a thought.

All I keep hearing on here is how good a job Cellino has done with the signings he has made. How much better he has made the squad. Especially from Luvr above.

But BM managed to have us in the play offs at Christmas last season with such a terrible squad. He did end up struggling towards the end of the season. I was a big fan of him but did think it was probably time for him to go. But they were tough circumstances trying to manage a team who knew that he wasn't going to be around for much longer and had no support of the owner.

I think he was unlucky at Leeds, and surely Luvr, if he had been offered the opportunity with this squad that is supposedly so much better he would have at the very least maintained form and kept them in the play offs. Something we seem a long long long way away from right now.

posted on 6/6/15

Champions League Tone

comment by leeds62 (U2387)

posted on 8/7/17

Name one player he bought that turned out to be a good buy .For me that says everything sorry not for me
Anybody that thinks Wooton can play must need their head examining!

posted on 11/3/18

He was awful. No thank you.

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