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PREDICTOR 2016/2017

Weeks 14, 15 & 16

Time to put aside our differences and unite together to see who can be crowned champion Predictor for the new season.

Our defending champion is GHODFATHER who had an incredible performance in the second half of last years season and demonstrated that even if you have a bad start you can still be champion.

Each week there will be six fixtures from the weekend for league games only. If there is a midweek card those fixtures will be included. Any re-arranged games are likley to figure as well. During the course of the season there will be at least two guaranteed double fixture game weeks.

A correct prediction for the result of a match will gain you 3 points. If you get the margin of the score correct but not the correct score you will get 4 points. If you pick the correct score then you will get 5 points.

Again during the season you have two jokers to play. A joker will get you double points on that game week. It is up to you when you want to use it but it must be clearly stated at the time of making your predictions that you are using your joker. Last season using a joker in a double game week did not prove to be fruitful.

Predictions must be made before kick off. If there is an early match and that is missed then predictions made for the remainder of the matches will be accepted as long as they are made before kick off.

If you miss a game week you will be awarded the lowest score that was scored in that game week. If you miss four weeks in a row you will be deemed to be no longer taking part.

If anybody has any queries then just raise them at this stage. Hopefully all of that makes sense though.

Last year the Admins were good enough to put up prizes for the competition and hopefully they will be able to do the same again, watch this space.

Best of luck everybody

Week 14

Friday 23rd December 2016

Dundee v Hearts 19:45
Kilmarnock v St Johnstone 19:45
Motherwell v Aberdeen 19:45

Saturday 24th December 2016

Hamilton v Celtic 12:30
Rangers v ICT 12:30
Dundee Utd v St Mirren 12:30

Week 15

Tuesday 27th December 2016

Aberdeen v Hamilton 15:00
Hearts v Kilmarnock 19:45

Wednesday 28th December 2016

Celtic v Ross County 19:45
ICT v Motherwell 19:45
Partick Thistle v Dundee 19:45
St Johnstone v Rangers 19:45

Week 16

Friday 30th December 2016

Hearts v Aberdeen 19:45

Saturday 31st December 2016

Rangers v Celtic 12:15
Hamilton v Motherwell 13:00
Dundee v St Johnstone 14:00
Ross County v ICT 15:00
Dumbarton v Dundee Utd 13:30

posted on 17/2/17

posted on 17/2/17

Comment Deleted by Site Moderator

comment by Ghod#18 (U9390)

posted on 17/2/17

is BTG ok Admin??

comment by Admin1 (U1)

posted on 17/2/17

I'll definitely drop him an email today. I think I already have but could have forgotten

comment by LMC (U8502)

posted on 28/2/17

Any word on the predictor? Not like BTG to even give an update, hope all is well

posted on 28/2/17

Im definetly winning this

posted on 28/2/17

Maybe he's bottom of the league and chucked the toys out the pram

posted on 28/2/17

Comment Deleted by Site Moderator

comment by Admin1 (U1)

posted on 28/2/17

Dropped him a couple of emails. Not heard anything.

posted on 28/2/17

BTG in Ja606 heaven with jinky

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