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Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Smith jr

Anyone catch this fight? No surprises really but a bit disappointed with Hopkins' and the crowds reaction to Smith's victory. Knocked him clean out of the ring with four or five good shots and Hopkins claiming he was pushed out when it was clear for all to see what happened and then the crowd booed the win by the better man on the night. Struggled to warm to Hopkins after his comments pre his Calzaghe fight.

Must say I like how Smith carries himself.

Anyway, Hopkins is a legend of the sport non the less

comment by Lefty (U17934)

posted on 18/12/16

Missed the fight, will watch the highlights ..

Hopkins though - probably went on a tad longer than he should have but in terms of success and longevity - what a guy

I think way back and he's always been around, I remember his fight with Felix Trinidad and the hype leading up to it.

Anyway a message to Hopkins - You've done your shift, and then some, relax and enjoy life now

posted on 18/12/16

Hopkins looked rusty and lethargic as expected at this point. Smith done well and I felt like Hopkins was making excuses when he start going on about hurting his ankle etc.

Regardless, a great career comes to an end

posted on 18/12/16

Watched the fight last night. Hopkins was boxing well, Smith was applying the pressure, but Hopkins was landed some good clean shots.

I had him a round up when the stoppage happened.

It was a legit KO, but those ropes looked a bit loose for my liking.

Hopkins was getting caught though with big shots, was using his skills to slow the pace down and lacked that sharpness and quickness.

But the guy is 51 years old, most fighters, men in general start going on the downward slope physically at 30, for Hopkins to be competing at the top level in boxing at 51 years old is simply amazing, and a testament to his dedication to clean living and his discipline to the game.

He has been a great great champion and a legend of the sport.

Not the ending he would have hope, but needs to call it a day now.

posted on 18/12/16

Agree with D4 except I had smith winning at the time of the Ko! Clearly way past it and makes me think kov was going easy on him

posted on 18/12/16

Comment Deleted by Site Moderator

posted on 19/12/16

D4 completely agree re the ropes looking a bit loose, almost looked like the gap between two of them was too wide till they returned to normal position.

Also, although I've never taken too much notice or know the regs etc but the size of the canvas on the outside of the ropes looked a bit short, didn't leave any room for error.

I really don't think Hopkins hurt himself in the fall, as shocking as it was to see him plunge headfirst out the ring at his age. His fall was partly broken, didn't appear to hit his head and I struggled to see how he hurt his ankle. Think he said he caught it on the rope on his way out but I couldn't see that, mind he also said he was pushed.

posted on 26/12/16

B.Hop was true to form, ending the fight in a ridiculous way, and making a big drama show afterwards.
Good job to Smith - all his shots were accurate in the end, and he seems like a good dude - reminds me Cass in WWE. PS: Boxing still sux

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