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La Liga/Serie A season 2019-20

This is the thread where Titans of sporting knowledge post

Will Madrid have a glorious season

Will Farza continue on their decline into oblivion and the segunda b (Xiu we welcome your opinion son. P.S are you the love child of Joan Laporta and Carme Barcelo ? )

Will Napoli get their hands on the Serie A title for the first time since the Maradona era

Will Juve disgrace themselves again and be relegated into oblivion

Admin..make this thread live sharpish

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posted 13 hours, 53 minutes ago

Okay, so The VelociPastor is incredible.


Is it a 'does exactly what it says on the tin' type of film?

If so, that's epic.

posted 13 hours, 36 minutes ago

Kind of, but it does have ninjas in it.

posted 12 hours, 59 minutes ago

they shud do a bigger budget version of it starring.......

Nic Cage

posted 12 hours, 58 minutes ago

I think Nic cud bring the required gravitas n pathos 2 the role of a priest using his curse of turning into a dinosaur 2 do good in ridding his parish of ninja.

posted 12 hours, 52 minutes ago

That would be even better.

posted 12 hours, 41 minutes ago

I wud love a scene were the priest is delivering his Sunday Mass when he glances up at the choir becuse he heres outta tune singing n spots several ninja infiltrating among them.
he then has too rush thru the rest of the mass n communion etc b4 he can morph into a velociraptor n vanquish the ninja from the church.
but a old lady insists on him hering her confession n she says all sorts of terribul things she has done but he aint listening becuse he's busy morphing into a dinosaur.

posted 12 hours, 32 minutes ago

There’s a scene in it that’s similar, but better, than what you’re proposing.

posted 12 hours, 26 minutes ago


hope I get 2 actually see it one day

posted 12 hours, 16 minutes ago

You’ll love it.

posted 11 hours, 9 minutes ago

Kind of, but it does have ninjas in it.


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