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Serena Williams - GOAT or not?

Serena is in the news, acquiring a 25th seed at Wimbledon despite being ranked in the 180s. One of her defenders says she is the GOAT woman player. Do you agree?

posted on 3/7/18

From the players I've seen, Serena is the female GOAT of tennis.

Seles never had the game to win Wimbledon and got absolutely smashed by Graf in the 1 final she did reach.

Yes, she had Graf's number but Graf had also beaten her many times, Seles beat Graf 4 times before her injury, fair enough 3 were slams and 2 of those were on clay. It's unclear if she would've dominated much after that, let's not forget Courier had a purple patch in the early 1990s and didn't do much after that. I think she would've been dominated by Graf on the faster courts and would've continued to win on the slower courts.

Navratilova could be considered another threat with Graf, but I just feel (as a singles player anyway), Serena has not only has won everything, but also looks the best under pressure too.

For me, the best ever female is Serena.

comment by Verse (U20361)

posted on 3/7/18

Well said Just True I couldn't have put it better myself.All hail the queen of women tennis Serena Williams.

posted on 3/7/18

SErena ducked her commitments. She only looked good because she was fresher than the competition at allt he major tournaments.

posted on 3/7/18

Come on, Seles was stabbed at 19 and Stefi was at her peak so naturally Stefi beat her a few times prior but she was still a tyro and Stefi was an all-time great. If she continued her development, I honestly believe she'd have dominated.

Evert is another shout in addition to Martina ( such a graceful player).

comment by Verse (U20361)

posted on 3/7/18

Graceful player technique wise I have seen were Justin Henin Hardenne and Martina Hingis.

posted on 3/7/18

I meant Evert as a graceful player but yeah, Hingis was elegant. JHH was something else though

posted on 4/7/18

I think the fact that Serena played with a reduced schedule and was still number 1 and won so many slams is one of the reasons she is the best ever.

So many times, I've seen players play less and lose their aura, but Serena has this aura since 2002. Yes, Fed has been successful with a reduced schedule, but he is also a legend.

If Safina, Jankovic, and all other women that went to number 1 (when Serena was playing less), how come they could not dominate when it mattered in the slams?

As for Seles, yes she was stabbed at a really bad time, but I just felt on the faster courts, she was getting dominated by Graf still and let's not forget, Graf had done it all by the early 90s (including the Golden Slam in 1988) when Seles was coming into her own. There must've been an issue with motivation, when you win and play so regularly as Graf did. That's why I totally agree with Serena's reduced schedule.

I think Seles's weak serve would've been exposed against the power hitters of the mid 90s like Pierce, Davenport etc. Just my opinion.

comment by Verse (U20361)

posted on 5/7/18

Jelena Jankovic was much more talented than Safina but she did not fulfill her full potential as she was more than good enough to win multiple Grand Slams in her career but sadly could not do so.She was even more talented skill wise than Maria Sharapova,Kvitova,Ostapenko,Wozniacki,Bartoli,Ivanovic,Stosur,Halep etc most of whom only won one Grand Slam in their careers bar Maria Sharapova.

comment by KLS (U1695)

posted on 13/7/18

comment by RoberTncUSA **should i get a PS4?** (U3493)
posted 1 week, 6 days ago
Sorry, while Serena is one of the ATGs, she ducked out on much of the tour for a lot of seasons. Graf played far more matches in a much shorter amount of time. That kind of grind while being a top player means significant wear and tear, both physically and mentally. That probably affects a lot of the players on the tour that grind today. Serena and Venus tend to do the absolute minimum, and might be more refreshed than their opponents.
One more thing is Monica Seles - she could've been the ATG if she wasn't stabbed. She had the most godawful grunts, but she was the Rafa equivalent for Graf.
Graf played for the money, Serena plays in a better paid era.

Put the pair together in they’re prime and Graf couldn’t live with her.

posted on 14/7/18

comment by KLS (U1695)
100% wrong
Serena LOSES in straight sets today

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