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Forest v Stoke - Match Thread

Tuesday night sees trhe cleaning lady arrive to ensure the place is spotless, whereas Wednesday night sees the Potters arriving Trent side, for the first time competitively, in thirteen years. We won that game 1-0 in the Championship.

Whilst Stoke went on to the heady heights of mid-table Premiership, Forest proceeded to get relegated, with our biggest success since, being a 3rd place play-off spot...which we of course lost.

Renewed optimism abounds at the City Ground and not just because of the annual early season dreams. We convincly beat Newcastle in our last cup outing 3-1. Stoke beating Huddersfield 2-0 at the same stage at home.

Whether it was a cup hangover, moving Bridcutt out of Midfield, tired from playing a day later, we were poor or simply, Brentford were frankly brilliant. We still lost 2-1.

The International break came at the right time. Since then we're DWW in the league. Stoke DWL, losing at home 2-3.

This is of course, the cup. Anything can happen. 11-10 on penalties a prime example.

I can imagine both teams rotating players. Stoke didn't lose to many over the summer, they've no doubt struggled adapting, but I'm sure they're is a lot of premiership experience, with Crouch likely to feature at some point.

Could we see as many changes as this? Unlikely.

Darikwa Dawson Figuerido Osborn
Bridcutt Yacob
Appiah Tsachey Goncalves

Forest are 9th in the table and Stoke 18th. Based on that alone, it points to a Forest win. We've a big enough squad to manage a cup run and a top team would be great in the next round.

With no idea on who will play and what either teams focus is (league or cup, or both) I'm going for a 2-1 Forest win. Just because we're at home and we're in better form.

posted on 26/9/18

I would like Grottenham at home.

posted on 26/9/18

Derby at home would be juicey

posted on 26/9/18

Anyone at home please

posted on 26/9/18

1) spurs away ( assuming its Wembley)
2) Arsenal/ Chelsea/ Man City home or away
2) Derby home
3) Leicester home

posted on 26/9/18

Fester would be an interesting one.

posted on 26/9/18

Well done lads, any slap to GR is a good slap even ifs it's a wagging dogs tail.

posted on 27/9/18

Very soft redcard for Goncalves looked like one foot off the floor to me, never really lost the ball.

I thought that Darikwa had another poor game defensively; at fault for the disallowed goal and for the third. Just stood off their £10M striker and left him standing on the goal line without blocking him off.

Another good performance from the team as a whole though.

posted on 27/9/18

I thought the same about Darikwa. He lacks awareness and left Afobe all alone for what was, luckily, only the second goal, R450!

posted on 27/9/18

I can see why the ref gave the red card. He did jump in a little with two feet. Was on the soft side of a red card but I don’t think we can really complain if we are honest.

posted on 27/9/18

Actually looked closer and maybe it wasn’t two footed. Did look a bit studdy, I suppose.

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