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posted on 22/5/22

Phew, they would have been even more unbearable than usual!!

posted on 22/5/22


CPL final table & wall of champions

comment by Superb (U6486)

posted on 23/5/22

Finished 3rd only to Liverpool and City sides that would have been good enough to win the title in just about any previous PL season.

Won two very respectable trophies, one of them making us World Champions and that we'd never won before.

Also got to two domestic Cup Finals that we only lost on pens and got to CL quarters.

Not too bad at all when you consider the turmoil at the club with Roman and potentially nearly going out of existence.

Not to mention a plethora of injuries to key players that completely halted the fantastic form and momentum we built up in the first few months of the season.

That being said I'm delighted this season is over.

posted on 23/5/22

I’ve been wanting to do player ratings article but I really can’t be assed.

I feel havertz has got away with a poor season just because the rest of our attackers are even worse. (Other than mount)
Our midfielders, hard to judge as so many injuries and different combinations. One game we finished with chalobah na rlc at cm.

Wing backs, Same as above.

Silva the stand out for me defensively, rudiger great, azpi good until the last month or so.

Mendy, again not sure how to judge, had some big mistakes this season.

comment by T.J (U15973)

posted on 23/5/22

Mendy - 6
Kepa - 5

James - 7
Azpi - 6
Chalobah - 6
AC - 3
Silva - 8
Rudiger - 8
Sarr - 3
Alonso - 5

Jorginho - 5
Kante - 5
Kovacic - 7
RLC - 5
Barkley - 4
Saul - 4

Mount - 7
CHO - 5
Pulisic - 4
Werner - 3
Ziyech - 4

Havertz - 6
Lukaku - 4

comment by T.J (U15973)

posted on 23/5/22

Probably being lenient on the forwards as they've been pretty atrocious other than Mount and Havertz to an extent where he did quite well for a bit

posted on 23/5/22

Even the games havertz done well, or Atleast better, I thought he wasn’t great, the Newcastle game a prime example of that, and yesterday. Awful but managed to get the goal. He was just a bit better than before.

Our forwards have massive issues with final ball, decision making, finishing and general inter play. It’s so frustrating to see our cms and wing backs work like blue assed flies just to see it die repeatedly in the final third

posted on 23/5/22

I must admit this year has been tough. First year since having my daughter, take me longer to get to games than it did before I moved. And the football has been agonising to watch. And so many games. Probably went to 35-40 this year and it’s just too much with a little one at home.

posted on 28/5/22

Paella and Estrella for everyone tonight!

comment by Superb (U6486)

posted on 28/5/22

Too right Brum. Hala Real Chelsea

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