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Finisher Medals

I'm an amature distance runner. I've trained to run half marathons and it's been a great way to blow off steam. I'm wondering how many others fun run?
Would you call yourself a runner? Have you ever competed on the track or road?
What's your favourite medal and story for any event?
What event would you highly recommend?

My favourite medal is my Riverness 10km. It's heavy, a good size decent ribbon and has a motif of Nessie on the medal.
My fav event, I competed in was the Isle of Coll half marathon.
The course is challenging, hilly and exposed. Its remote too. The route is mostly trail which I'm not so used to. The field was small but highly competitive. The locals were all involved, either competing or helping out. It was a hard run but the finish was great. The medal was good and the island put on a celidh for everyone after which I recommend. It had a real community spirit about it.

What's your tip?

comment by Verse (U20361)

posted on 26/2/19

I want to run 10000 m daily but I can't.

posted on 18/3/19

I've only ever done one official race last year in the Bristol 10k. My uncle was supposed to be doing it but he told me 10 days before that he couldn't make it and since I was in Bristol at the time I decided to take his place. I'd not been running but the football season had me in good shape and I thought a few runs in those last 10 days would have me ready to go.

Honestly I can say that it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I'd never run that far in my life so I had little idea for pacing and I went out too fast. I started far back as well and weaving in and out of people in the first few kilometres took it out of me. I honestly felt like giving up at the 2k mark. I'm very competitive though and slogged through it.

Yes the race was hard but I wasn't expecting what was to come . As soon as I crossed the finish and stopped I got extremely dizzy and had to lie down. I then proceeded to vomit 5-8 times within the next half an hour while with the medical staff. Even after half an hour I couldn't walk straight. It's an experience that I won't forget but I think that was my first and last 10k and I'll stick to football haha.

I've been told that my time of 41:13 is good though.. I'm 21 bare in mind

posted on 23/9/19

41.13 is very good

My fastest 10k is just over 49 minutes, but i'm currently off that pace.

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