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Your Favourite World Snooker Championship

Just thought I'd start an article on your favourite World Snooker Championship

Here are some of my favourites

The first one I remember
Surprised Bill Werbeniuk got the highest break
Gutted that Tony Knowles beat Jimmy
Great final into the final black

Higgins controversy
Big Four at the time (Davis, Jimmy, Parrott and Hendry) with 2 great semi finals
Hendry youngest winner

The Pony-tailed Ebdon beat Steve Davis, I thought Ebdon would be the new people's champ
Jimmy White's 147
Parrott winning 10-0 and then getting upset by MCManus
Jimmy leading 14-8 and then Hendry winning the next 10

I feel this was the height of the golden era (1996-2005)
Big Four (Hendry, Higgins, Ronnie and Williams) with 2 great semis
Hendry's path (Hunter, Wattana, Stevens, Ronnie and Williams) was probably the hardest of any World Champion

Hicks and Hann's argument
Ronnie banging the table vs Hicks
Perry and Dott with big upsets of Williams and Higgins
Great match between good friend Stevens and Hunter
Ronnie losing only 15 frames in his last 3 matches (ok maybe that's only for Ronnie fans)

Emergence of Judd Trump getting to the final
Ding and Judd's semi final looked like those 2 would end up dominating
John Higgins epic comebacks throughout the tournament

posted on 18/4/19

Mine was winning 400 quid on Ebdon winning the worlds. 40/1 before the tournament started and stuck a tenner on it whilst at uni. Didn't even know that much about him, but my uncle who is seriously into it said he fancied him to have a good tournament. Didn't watch a single game until the final, then didn't miss a second. £400 is a lot to a student

posted on 18/4/19

2002 was a great tournament I agree

Hendry beat Doherty 13-12 after taking a really risky black

Ronnie and Lee had a great match

Ronnie and Hendry semi was overshadowed by Ronnie's comments before the match

Final was really tense, Ebdon deserved to sneak it, was expecting the biggest "C'mon" of all time and was a bit disappointed when he just stayed quiet after he won

posted on 18/4/19

The first I remember was 86 & Joe Johnson, 1990 was a classis with the top 4 playing in the semi's, remember as a 15 year old squeeling in delight that Jimmy finally beay Davis... Only to Co go yo against his second nemesis.. Loads of others, but 2004 where the long haired Ronnie was unplayable, that semi against Hendry..

posted on 18/4/19

Sorry, not drunk, just my auto text 🤣

posted on 19/4/19

Yes the 1990 final was weird, Hendry played like a veteran and he was only 21.

Ronnie with the long hair in 2004 vs Hendry. I remember the end of the 2nd session and it was 13-3 I think. It was amazing.

posted on 19/4/19

Yes, in the final Ronnie was 5-0 down, even then it was never in doubt..

comment by kinsang (U3346)

posted on 27/4/19

Still have to wait a while for Ding v Trump. Can already envisage the winner of this playing Robertson in the final..............
Just hope it is Ding

comment by kinsang (U3346)

posted on 27/4/19

oops, wrong thread

posted on 9/5/19

1994- I was only 5 and a Stephen Hendry fan, I only really remember the last few frames, I thought Hendry was going to lose, Jimmy missed that black and Hendry makes a good clearence, I was delighted, probably one of the greatest Crucible finals.

1999- Hendry had been in poor form last few seasons, it looked like it was the end of the great Stephen Hendry but he came back and played unbelievable snooker and looked back to his best to clinch his 7th world title.

2003- I always remember this Champonship as Ken Doherty being the comeback king, the semi final was the most dramatic, 15-9 down to Paul Hunter and ends up winning 17-16. I really did feel so bad for Hunter as I wanted him to win it as soon as Hendry went out. Ken then did well in the final, he was 10-2 down, then it got to 16-16 but Mark Wiliams did well to get over the line, he had a great season as he won the triple crown in the same season.

2008- Crazy championship where there were 2 maximums breaks. One by Ronnie and then the other from Ali Carter, both would meet in the final. Hendry did well to get to the semis but was hammered by Ronnie, similar to 2004.

2018- Great final between 2 players in there 40's no one could have imagined Mark Williams getting back to his best, John Higgins fought so hard to get the match back to 15-15, Mark then looked like he had match won but somehow missed a frame ball pink, He then held his nerve to win 18-16.

2019- Record breaking centuries, Judd Trump making 7 in the final and in devastating form. Okay this is mainly for Judd Trump fans though!

posted on 14/5/19

You can tell, no mention of Ronnie with his 5 min 147, or any of his 5 World titles, hardly surprising though 😂🌍

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