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Astro Bot Rescue Mission VR Review

Sony have been having a few VR sales recently and one of those games on sale at the moment is Astro Bot.

Now I must admit despite this game getting some excellent reviews, with many 10 out of 10 scores, it wasn't a game that really appealed to me. Basically a platformer bought up to date in VR.

Platformers were never really my thing, never played Mario, the only one I can think off the top of my head was Ghost's and Ghouls, and more recently Little Big Planet, which I played through that with my kids. But since Astro Bot has had nothing but great reviews and was now on sale, I decided it was finally worth a look.

First off the presentation of this game is top notch, everything is so well done, the animations and sound effects, are perfect, and that is before actually getting into the game.

The game itself is one of the best looking games on PSVR, everything is sharp, with colourful vibrant worlds for you to travel through. the graphical fidelity is surprising clear for a VR game.

The game itself has you travelling though various levels trying to save missing Astro Bots, you can jump with the x, another quick press and hold fires up the jet boots to help travel over longer gaps. collecting obligatory coins, looking for any stranded Astro Bots as you go. certain creatures will block your path, a swift punch, or hover over them with jet boots tends to solve the problem.

As of now this all seems pretty standard stuff. What is hard to convey is just how much a platforner changes in VR. This is Mario taken literally to another level, and some really clever use of the motion controller, offers some unique gameplay, that would not be feasible in any other way. I don't want to spoil the game too much, but the grappling hook for instance, has some pretty unique uses.

I am not a platform gamer, So for me this was never going to be my favourite VR experience, But there is enough here for even me to enjoy the challenge, as platformers go it doesn't get much better, so if you are after a modern take on the classic Mario, this is well worth checking out. Especially at the bargain sale price of just £14


This just gets better and better as you get further into the game.


posted on 9/6/19

That's what I thought, it's the next evolution of mario, I've got to the final boss but wasn't able to beat it the other night due to controller tracking issues!

The game is outstanding though, could be a little longer

posted on 9/6/19

Cheers for that Paddy have you tried everybodys golf?

posted on 11/6/19

I have not bothered with VR yet but have been having a massive retro binge
Is it worth buying ?

posted on 11/6/19

Hitler if you are asking about VR, it is absolutely worth buying, but with the understanding, that PSVR is the Sony's first gen headset'

When people try it there is an initial wow factor, which tends to wane as you get used to it. But VR is new and unique gaming experience, and if you can look past PSVR's shortcomings (cables, bulky headset, resolution etc) then there is plenty to enjoy.

I personally love VR, and I'm excited to see what Sony is cooking up with it's second gen headset (hearing some good things) couple that with the power of the PS5, VR will be starting to reach it's potential.

One thing I'm sure of VR is here to stay, the mind boggles with the experiences that await.

posted on 11/6/19

Oh I might add, as much as I post videos, you are not going to understand the depth of actually being in a 3D world on a flat screen.

VR literally changes your perspective.

posted on 11/6/19

Cheers Amigo

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