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Firewall Zero Hour PSVR, First impressions

Not a full review this one, I'm not a big shooter fan, but again thanks to the excellent reviews and it being on sale in the Playstation Store, It is another game I finally get to try for myself.

As I said I'm not really one for shooters, but I have had my eye on this game for a while. Upon entering the game you are taken to a screen where you get to choose your character, loadout, etc. a dip into the tutorial, and a quick single player game, I feel ready for my first online match.

The match is a 4 v 4 match, one team protecting the suitcase, the other team trying to steal the information from it. My team mates seemed friendly enough, welcoming me aboard before finally taking on my first real fight.

The graphics for this game are surprisingly good, Not up to Astro Bot standards, but considering the type of game, I didn't imagine things would look as good as they did. PSVR headsets comes with built in mic's and my team mates were using them to good effect. We were in some sort of mansion, with doors everywhere, so trying to cover them was a team effort, with no idea when contact would be made and from which direction.

Once battle commenced there seemed to be gunfire happening all over the place, with me swinging my head around trying to keep up with what was happening, to see my team mates had taken down yet another enemy and I hadn't fired a shot, they were doing a good job, and they must have wondered how they had got stuck with a noob like me.

I decided I was going to take the fight to the enemy, wondering down a corridor all seemed quiet, turning the corner going through an empty room,turning another corner I see my team mate taking on an enemy, who is oblivious to me coming from the side and finally my first kill, My teammate then gets shot by two enemies coming through the door in front of him, as I'm to their right, they do not see me, and two more kills.

I carry on forward, one of my team mates needs reviving, doing so I am shot at by I presume the guy who had shot him, gunfight ensues and he goes down, I'm on a killing streak, and my teammates are doing an admiral job protecting the suitcase, we survive to the end, and secure the win, I say we, I got killed by a grenade, so no reviving from that.

Still I was pleased with my 7 kills and two revivals, then I looked at what my team mates had done, all had over 20 kills, top guy had 27 kills, and I thought I had done well

Played 3 more games, was protecting the suitcase every time, and we won every one, and as a game it seemed to work very well.

One other point, I played with an Aim controller, which is perfect for this game, if you want to take this game seriously then that is the controller to use, although you can use the normal DS4.

Again this game is a great example of what VR brings to gaming, being in the middle of battle with bullets flying around you, brings a whole new dimension to this sort of game. the ability to stick the gun around a corner or over a cabinet and blind fire takes tactics to another level, If you enjoy shooters, then this game is for you.





For those wondering what the Aim controller is

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