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Return of the Kent.

The man, the myth, the Asian pXrnographers brother is ready.

Roped into coming back to Ibrox and ready to unleash his box of tricks but unlike his brother on Livi defenders rather than small asian ladies. Good feet for getting out of tight situations (homework does pay off) and this weekend it will be his turn to put the Livi back four in a bind.

Alfie will be back to tie defenders in knots in place of Defoe. Places up for grabs in midfield with at least 4 returning from international duty (if Casper drops them off in their cases as scheduled)

In defence i expect to see Helander get a run out after the poor defensive show last time out. Barasic to get another run out at LB.

Three points is a must with Celtic away to Hamilton Lackadaisical.

Then next week onto European Business v Feyenoord

posted on 13/9/19

Plenty of folks said aye Rangers deserved to win....BUT.....

and then went on to basically list why the win was built on Celtics failings.

Same as a lot of us are doing for this game

Rangers didn't set up well or play well, celtic capitalised, did what they had to do and saw the game out with minimal fuss.

All the credit goes to celtic

It is natural for the fans to be quite shocked if a team has played well and delivered results since the start of the season using a certain system and then they change it for a big game. And if the failure of the system is coupled with visibly poor individual performances then that is where a lot of the focus will be.

I think the point is that unlike a couple of seasons ago Celtic didn't come and blow us away with great football. They didn't leave with three points looking the vastly superior team.

They came and did a job and we made it very easy for them. That's the frustration more than anything.

posted on 13/9/19

comment by The Mighty Quinn (U4099)
posted 11 hours, 13 minutes ago

Jebus H.

It's been a long long time since I've seen that Mantra.

'It's not that you were good - it's just that we were shyytte'.

The most lame deflection in the history of human endeavour.

Prob started by King Xerxes of Persia v the Spartans.

I believe that Leo was present at said battle.

Whatever gets ye thru the night

Not what i said though

Imo Celtic were the better side and deserved to win the game, i still didn't think they were up to much.

Had it been the other way round i would still be delighted with the 3 points but then i accept you can win games without playing well especially if the opponents are even worse.

posted on 13/9/19

HB <Not what i said though >

Forum’s not all about you son.

I was addressing HSH’s comment.

posted on 13/9/19

Hot Shot <Plenty of folks said aye Rangers deserved to win....BUT.....>

Repeating yersel here Hamish.

Who actually said/wrote that Rangers weren’t that good after their win?

As you and HB are saying now about our win.

Help an auld guy feeble of mind and eye here who canny see it.

Point the Timmites out and I will slay them.


posted on 13/9/19


<Edouard being the only player imo that showed class>

<two sides short on quality>

<still didn't think they <celtic> were up to much.>

Absolute fvkin bollox.

Not a single failure in the Celtic team on that day.

posted on 13/9/19

Fvkin Ant & Dec here.

comment by NNH (U10730)

posted on 14/9/19

posted on 14/9/19

posted on 16/9/19

comment by The Mighty Quinn (U4099)
posted 2 days, 11 hours ago

HB <Not what i said though>

Forum’s not all about you son.

I was addressing HSH’s comment.

About the same point dafty

You seem very concerned we don't agree Celtic performed that well but we are entitled to that view.

My opinion on the game remains the same, it was two teams playing schite, one more schite than the other and it was decided on a mistake from Goldson with the games only really quality shown by Edouard to take advantage of said mistake.

That aside Celtic shelled for touch with the first touch, tried to waste time from minute 1. It was a good game plan but it was far from easy on the eye from Celtic although they deserved the win.

You don't have to agree but lots of Rangers fans see it like that.

posted on 16/9/19

Have to agree it was a poor game
Rangers/ Gerrard got it wrong
Wrong selection/set up, poor use of subs, and the players who we had flooding midfield didn’t compete
Celtic done more than enough to win no complaints but I agree it was a poorish game of football

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