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Where will the goals come from?

Thirty clear chances in our last three games, four goals in our last five, and two of those were deflections. Where are the goals going to come from? This is not to criticise Bamford who had a stormer against the Baggies, but I think we are overloaded with play-makers up front. We are only going to see how effective Clarke or Nketiah are if we give them run-outs on the pitch.

posted on 3/10/19

We haven't got a 20+ goal striker or even a target man who is good in the air. We're losing a few goals from set pieces and crosses from open play.

posted on 4/10/19

We haven’t had 30 clear chances in last three game


posted on 4/10/19

This is what Alioski said in his interview on LUTV...so you may be right, LIW.

posted on 4/10/19

According to BBC Sport, over last 3 games
our stats are as follows:

LUFC vs West Brom
48% / 52% Possession
19 / 10 Shots
9 / 4 Shots on Target
1 - 0 Win

LUFC vs Charlton (@Charlton)
71% / 29% Possession
19 / 3 Shots
4 / 3 Shots on Target
0 - 1 Loss

LUFC vs Derby
63% / 37% Possession
13 / 5 Shots
5 / 1 Shots on Target
1 - 1 Draw

Huge amount of possession.
Total shots (over 3 games): 51
Total shots on Target (over 3 games): 18
Total goals scored (over 3 games): 2

I wouldn't class any of the above as
'clear chances'. But, I would class the
above as clear proof we do not score
enough goals based on our possession,
or our chances created. The fact that 18
were on target and we only scored 2
is absolutely shocking.

Add to that the opposition only needed
8 shots on target to net their 2 goals.

ATBR, I'm as concerned as you.

posted on 4/10/19

Yes it is a concern and in my opinion is the difference between being top six and automatics come the end of the season. You look at say Fulham and West Brom and can see that there are just more options and goals there.

I think another issue is aerial ability. We dominate possession and get a number of free kicks out of shooting range or corners. From the resultant set piece unless we get a perfect delivery we don't get the headed or cheaper second ball goals in the box (yet) that teams seem to get against us from their set pieces.

Bielsa and the players will be doing all they can to address it but I would say even at this stage once again the January transfer window will be pivotal.Will Bielsa be pragmatic enough to move away from his small tight squad philosophy and will we make the additions needed to give us the best possible chance of going up.?

comment by Mattyp (U8926)

posted on 4/10/19

Devils advocate.

We have the second best goal difference in the league.

Is this really as big an issue as it is being made out to be

posted on 4/10/19

Yes, it is. Potentially.

We're not converting our chances to goals now at a high
enough rate. If at any point, teams start to shut us
down, and the chances we create drops off dramatically,
we may be looking at virtually no goals scored.

That's an issue we could be rueing come May.

On the flip of that, we might well just start banging them in.

I hope that's the case.

posted on 4/10/19

Harrisons been quite poor of late and not created many chances.

Personally I would play Pablo in the middle and keep Costa and Harrison on the wings. Pablo gets the odd goal and can create things centrally and I thought Costa did well against West Brom and is only going to get better.

posted on 4/10/19

Great interview with Lee Bowyer, from 23 minutes in.
'I believe they're the best side...the only thing, they just need to take their chances, they need to put teams to bed.'

posted on 4/10/19

Please don't let LIW read this.
It'll kill his "i Have the massivest brain is was in
the world of football was' complex.

(yes, I'm translating into his gypsy tongue)

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