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Euro 2020 Draw

BBC Two, coverage starts at 5pm .
Sky Sports Football / Sky Sports News, coverage starts at 5.15pm.

It is a pretty unique draw, with host nations already being allocated their groups.

Pot 1 - Italy - host
Pot 2 - Switzerland
Pot 3 - Turkey
Pot 4 - Wales

Pot 1 - Belgium
Pot 2 - Russia - host
Pot 3 - Denmark - host
Pot 4 - Finland

Pot 1 - Ukraine
Pot 2 - Netherlands - host
Pot 3 - Austria
Pot 4 - Play off winner from either Path A or Path D*.

Pot 1 - England - host
Pot 2 - Croatia
Pot 3 - Czech Republic
Pot 4 - Play off winner - Scotland, Serbia, Norway or Israel

Pot 1 - Spain - host
Pot 2 - Poland
Pot 3 - Sweden
Pot 4 - Play off winner - Ireland, Northern Ireland, Bosnia or Slovakia

Pot 1 - Germany - host
Pot 2 - France
Pot 3 - Portugal
Pot 4 - Play off winner from either path A or Path D*

*Path A = If Iceland, Bulgaria or Hungary win they go into Group F.
If Romania win they will go into Group C.

Path D = Kosovo, North Macedonia, Georgia, Belarus. Will go into Group C unless Romania win path A, then they would go into Group F.

The real interest in the draw is where France and Portugal end up.

posted on 30/11/19

Yeah I was at the game. Was in the restricted view area, so their was a mixed fanbase. There were a couple of Polish fans heading out to the toilets standing right behind us as they scored. They actually apologised for celebrating the goal! Really impressed with that sportsmanship!

posted on 30/11/19

I actually forgot Poland scored, tbh. Had it as a 0-0, thanks for reminding me Barry.

posted on 30/11/19

It mattered to me 😭

posted on 1/12/19

In tournaments where some of the third placed teams go through, how does the governing body decided which group winners will play third placed teams and which play second place sides? They never seem to publish this so I’m assuming it’s not some kind of pre-draw.

posted on 1/12/19

Good question. I think that is also preordained. Maybe?!

I'm a Northern Ireland fan, so not expecting much beyond the group stages, if we get there

posted on 1/12/19

Melbourne, it is worked out already.
If 3rd comes from A, B, C and D then it is:
1B vs 3A, 1C vs3D, 1E vs 3B and 1F vs 3C

Then there are about 15 possibilities, so won't go into all of them.

posted on 1/12/19

I thought you were Irish DJ. At least we have it easy, assuming we win our play off games, that we almost certainly won't, we have a pretty clear path to the final! Name's on the cup

posted on 1/12/19

Southern Irish.

posted on 1/12/19

Aye that's what I thought. The bad part. You get your toy show, we get our terrorism.

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