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Which manager out there could get us to compete? Klopp and Pep are special managers and for me are huge to their clubs success, especially Klopp. Fabulous manager. Atm we don’t have the players to compete and ofc the structure but Ole is not on the same planet as Klopp who could get his side to win the league with over 100 points and unbeaten. That would be an amazing and ridiculous achievement.

We need a leader and someone like Klopp and Pep who know how to win to manage us. When I hear both these guys talk you can see they have an amazing aura about them and their philosophies are clear and easily translated onto the pitch. With Ole, there is no aura and he’s a bit of a mouse really and there isn’t a clear identity or anything special other than counter attacking mid table football. No offence to him, but he could learn something from big Sam, let alone the giants in the league.

But who could we hire who has that aura, authority, clear philosophy and winning mentality? Someone who is not a has been (Jose and LVG) and ready now? I don’t honestly think that is Poch, although he’s miles better than Ole. It’s a major challenge!

posted 2 days, 22 hours ago

comment by Posh Mufc Great Hafi Not Arrogant Just Better (U6578)
posted 1 minute ago
Shame Herrera left. Ed should have got him signed up. I suppose he wasn't good enough for the PL. Hoping Fernandes is.

PSG made him a silly offer. Cant blame him.

comment by Prem (U7618)

posted 2 days, 22 hours ago

comment by Reddevilsdouble II (U22313)
posted 5 minutes ago
Moyes didnt want Fellaini to be his first signing so asked Ed to wait. Moyes tried to get Kroos but Kroos chose Real late on, meaning we ended up with just Fellaini.

lVG wanted a winger and gave Ed a list of targets. Ed for the best he could. LVG just misused him. Nobody gets every target they want.

Jose did want Sanchez. Saying otherwise is just nonsense.

OK Sanchez didn't work out. But let's not forget, Pep wanted him just 6 months earlier and was prepared to pay £60m. We got him for Mhiki and wages.

As for player contracts. Again, Ole has confirmed he is in charge of who stays and who goes, so I'm not sure how Ed cops for that.

We overpaid for Maguire because he was the one Ole wanted and Leicester didn't want or need to sell. Ed manages tonget gim for £10m less than they wanted in the end. Not a bad deal given the circumstances.

Ed's not perfect, but he also isn't as terrible is made out.
Certainly.notnwhen compared with the top bods at Bayern, Barca, Juve, City and Chelsea.

Moyes only had Fellaini left as an incoming player because of Ed's inexperience at the time. We also wanted Fabregas, but that went south literally.

Di Maria and also Falcao were not LVG types of players. However, they became available and Ed wanted to work his magic to lift the place and bring in some marquee players. Which didn't work out funnily enough.

Jose wanted Sanchez because? It was more like a panic swap to fend off City. However, it was worsened due to the fact that we pandered to his ridiculous wage demands. It was well known, what his character was like, but because it was a player in the stature of Sanchez, Ed ensured he pushed that deal through.

We also overpaid for Maguire because we have a bottomless pit of money thanks to Ed. Ed knows that some clubs and players target us for that extra cash, and we have bowed down to demands to players whose heart is not always genuinely set to play for the badge first or willing to back the club's supposed project.

The fact that the owners have overseen this mess since post SAF and haven't taken any action against Ed, is soul destroying as a fan.

And again, i'll highlight that the managers post SAF haven't been all that great. They too have created some of the problems we've been trying to get ourselves out of.

But right now, we need real footballing people who know how to correctly guide the club back to top.

posted 2 days, 22 hours ago

Moyes wanted Herrera but got Fellaini due to Ed.

posted 2 days, 22 hours ago

Kroos and Fanregas chose to go to Real and Barca respectively.. Not exactly Blackpool and Sheff Utd is it.

Ed signed the players he could from the list. If you dislike Woodward then I can see why youd see it negatively.

Jose asked Woodward for a player with a bit of magic. He said as much in the press. Woodward delivered a prem proven player who had been world class until 6 mo ths earlier. Even then, Pep had wanted him also.

We overpaid for Maguire because Oke wanted him and Leicester disnt want or need to sell what should Ed have done differently?

It's scary to think, but maybe the Glazers understand the difficulty that was to come after SAF went more so than our own fans do. I'm all for replacing Woodward, but it's a hell of an ask to find an exec who gets every target, for half the price whilst not making any mistakes and backing.his managers and keeping thre owners happy.

Right now we need a better manager and 3 or 4 quality players and all the other 'problems' quickly fade away once we start playing well and winning stuff.

comment by Prem (U7618)

posted 2 days, 22 hours ago

comment by Posh Mufc Great Hafi Not Arrogant Just Better (U6578)
posted 1 minute ago
Moyes wanted Herrera but got Fellaini due to Ed.

We got foiled by the men in suits that time

posted 2 days, 22 hours ago

This proves OGS is one of the best managers in the league.

posted 2 days, 22 hours ago

Woodward and glazers are a disease and a stain on this club. Sooner they are gone, the better

comment by Prem (U7618)

posted 2 days, 22 hours ago

How many more managers do you want to see come and go, before it all falls into place?

Ole is doing what Ole can do. And although it isn't pretty on the eyes, he's here. Why, because Ed put him there.

Just like all the other failed managers before Ole during Ed's time.

'...but it's a hell of an ask to find an exec who gets every target, for half the price whilst not making any mistakes and backing.his managers and keeping thre owners happy.'

Where do i start with this?

The Glazers put the faith in Ed because he is their cash cow king. If the owners truly cared about the club's prospects aside from throwing money at problems, then they'd look at their right hand man and question his leadership of the club.

Everyone knows that post SAF, it would be a difficult bumpy ride, but the owners along with Ed have escalated the problems more so with due negligence.

Jose says a lot of things in the press, sometimes good and sometimes not. But to say that that deal wasn't echoed by Ed is ignorant. This is Manchester United and Ed loves good exposure. Just rewatch that cringey player reveal showreel for further proof.

I am not denying that Real and Barca aren't pulling club magnets, but Ed being in his first season at the club didn't have the experience to entice enough of the right players in.

And low and behold it seems like every season he creates one dilemma after another.

And even if we did get Kroos of Fabregas, they would have been ruined by Moyes, such was his mentality.

posted 2 days, 20 hours ago

I want to see 1 more go. Ole.

I don’t follow your point on Ed and the Glazers. As owners, why wouldn’t they want a chairman who is good at making the club money? We need money to catch, and keep up with the other elite clubs.

It’s OK saying they have been negligent, but you need to say how.

I’m not sure what you are referring to re Jose’s comments and Ed revelling in them so I can’t address that.

Moyses poor Summer window was the result of Moyes wasting months trying to bring in players only for them to chose other clubs. Blame SAF for that as much as anyone.

Ed doesn’t create dilemmas every season, it’s just those with an agenda tells you he does.

posted 2 days, 7 hours ago

comment by Reddevilsdouble II (U22313)
posted 15 hours, 35 minutes ago
comment by Clockwork Red (U4892)
posted 5 minutes ago
The thing is, we can argue all day about whose fault it is or isn’t that this or that signing did or didn’t happen, and that ultimately we are way off where we want to be. I say it carefully, but there may be a sliver of truth in Rdd’s point that Ed is an easy target: he represents everything fans don’t like about the game. So it’s easy to tell the story of failed transfers, for example, in a way that always makes him the villain.

For me, though, it comes down to this: he’s overseen a decline of drastic proportions and, had this happened in most other lines of work, I doubt he’d have survived, let alone be hailed as “doing a good job”. And if this isn’t his fault, then in his senior position he should at least be instrumental in doing something about it. He’s had to sack managers of his own choosing, leaving the squad an incoherent mess. These are the “footballing matters” people are talking about. If he’s responsible, it isn’t working - and if he’s not responsible, it still isn’t working. Either way, he simply has to expect some flak.

In short, it’s the apparent lack of care that frustrates me, rather than any one particular incident. It doesn’t seem like anything has been done other than sacking managers - and when (sadly I think it is when, not if) Solskjaer doesn’t get CL football, he’ll probably go the same way and the cycle will continue.
He isnt a football manager.

All he can do is appoint the best man available and back them. The rest is on the players and manager.

Our decline isnt just down to Ed. We lost SAF. Our better players were past their best, clu s had never been richer, and this all coincided with Liverpool, City, even Spurs getting their act together.

We’re forecast to be overtaken by Liverpool and City in revenues in 2021... Ed can sign as many pillow sponsors as he wants, but the team needs to be successful on the pitch.

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