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Wow La Liga Is A Shambles

I'm sure many of you have heard this news coming from Spain, but anyway for those who haven't...

So Barca already have Suarez ruled out long term after surgery, and then just the other week Dembele got ruled out for 6 months. Amazingly, there is a rule in Spanish football that means Barca now tick all the boxes to make an "emergency" signing for a striker outside of the transfer window.

So they've activated the buyout clause for striker/winger Martin Braithwaite of Leganes. What's so tragic about this is-

1.Leganes have no option but to sell one of their best players because the buyout clause has been met.

2. Buyout clauses are mandatory rule in Spanish football, so the club can't be blamed for having one on this player.

3. Leganes are struggling fighting relegation and have no ability to sign a replacement player once Braithwaite leaves.

4. Barca SOLD striker Malcom in the last window. Barca also have one of the best youth setups in the league, yet won't look to it for a potential first team striker.

5. Other cheaper (and better) players were available to Barca, however Braithwaite's agent is the same guy who brought de Jong to Barca. This same agent also managed to get Barca to sign up his son to their youth team (who was released after 6 months ). So this whole transfer stinks of shady agent dealings.

Just to be clear Barca have technically done nothing wrong. They are just utilising La Liga's rules.


posted on 18/2/20

I'd.be more interested in exactly how barca can afford all these signing with ffp

posted on 18/2/20

comment by Robbing Hoody - tell me I can't and I'll show you I can (U6374)
posted 6 hours, 34 minutes ago
I quite like the rule tbh but the selling team should be allowed to get a replacement. Are you sure that's not the case?
Well unless Leganes smash 2 of their players legs in with golf clubs keeping them out for the rest of the season they won’t be able to buy a replacement

posted on 18/2/20

2 of their strikers* legs

posted on 18/2/20

why would they not try buy bats or giroud from us

posted on 18/2/20

Is Mourinho trying to pull the same stunt?
Harry Kane out long term and now Son is supposedly out for the rest of the season with a broken arm sustained during the Villa game. Strangely enough he was still able to score the 94th minute winner with his arm hanging by a thread.

posted on 18/2/20

shocking rule

shamelessly exploited by farza

no honour that club

posted on 18/2/20

La Liga is the Spanish equivalent of Scotland; only the top two clubs in Spain are worth £50bn between them - as opposed to the top two Scottish clubs not being worth a thing in World football terms.

Without Barca and Real Madrid, UEFA would collapse.

posted on 18/2/20

"So this whole transfer stinks of shady agent dealings."


Barca business as usual then.

posted on 20/2/20

Just curious, if Suarez is due to return before the end of the season but Dembele isn't? And the rule's still applicable. If this was a rule in England would Spurs be eligible to sign a striker right now?

Kane's had a long term injury but scheduled to come back before the end of the season but Son's done, and just like Dembele he should count as a CF even though he's primarily a winger. Seems to me like they'd fit the criteria?

posted on 20/2/20

'He's primarily a winger" would suggest that no Spurs won't be allowed to sign a striker. Guessing Spurs have potential replacement Wingers using him as cover. Spurs USING Son as cover for Kane, doesn't make him a striker. So I'd guess the league response will be "Ya shoulda bought cover for your strikers, then you wouldn't have injured a winger. You HAVE replacement wingers so no, you're not allowed to sign a striker to replace Son, your injured WINGER." Or words to that effect.

What's with Spurs anyway, how do they not have a young striker they can just give a full fledged PL blooding to? Clubs have a no shortage of keen, hungry 16/17 year olds just dying to prove they're the next big thing in front of goal, to throw in as a gamble " Sink or swim" moment. I actually think ALL clubs should have to run through the entire ranks, before being allowed to sign extra players. After all, EVERY club is damn quick enough to throw a 16 year old who's hot sh!t, into a team if and when it suits them. So they should be FORCED to use one they have in just this type of situation.

"Buying your way out of problems" is BS that's only ever been there to suit top clubs who want to use their massive financial advantage to fix problems. There WAS a time when managers used to turn teams around by COACHING them. High time we went back to that, I mean if a youngster can't even get a good shot when every Snr in his position is crocked, then when can he? No wonder the football on the pitch has gotten worse.

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