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Evening all,

Not sure if it has ever been discussed on here but this afternoon I discovered the Manchester United podcast on Spotify.

Managed to get 3-4 in on my dog walk this afternoon and definitely worth a listen if like me, you're missing the football already and are a podcast fan 👍🏻

posted on 14/3/20

Might give it a listen. I listen to Guardian Football Weekly, Totally Football Show, Totally European Football Show and That Peter Crouch Show on my commutes most weeks. So will need something to pass the time, as at least three of those will go by the wayside for the foreseeable future.

If anybody is a football trivia nerd btw, I follow EFL Daily on YouTube and they do a Stat wars quiz once a week. It's only 10 or 15 mins long but good entertainment, if you like that sort of thing

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posted on 15/3/20

Have you listened to 'i had trials once...' brilliant football one, similar to the Peter crouch podcast but about lower league football. Again, definitely worth a listen.

posted on 15/3/20

Haven't done but will give it a listen 👍

posted on 15/3/20

You should definitely give 'The Transfer Window' podcast a go. They upload 3 times a week and are always spot on with almost everything.

Duncan Castles (I know many don't like him) but he's spot on with transfers and what is happening at clubs.

Other podcasts I listen to are
The telegraph - Audio Football Club
The totally football show
Football Writers Podcast
Football weekly
A few Liverpool ones which you won't give a crap about
And The Walking Dead.

Yes clearly I have too much spare time give them a go

posted on 15/3/20

I listen to the Around the NFL podcast and Serial Killers. Both worth a listen.

posted on 15/3/20

Top Flight Time Machine
Quickly Kevin Will He Score
The Price of Football
Peter Crouch
A Pint With Eamonn And The Gaffers
Magic Sponge

All decent football podcasts.

posted on 15/3/20

I listen to some comedy podcasts too:

No Such Thing As A Fish
Do The Right Thing
Pappys Flatshare
My Dad Wrote A Porrno
The News Quiz Extra

And then some more sensible ones such as:

The Wrong Bias Bowls Podcast
The Darts Show Podcast
BTCP British Touring Car Podcast
They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime

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posted on 15/3/20

Some good recommendations here, thanks! Some others I've subscribed too which aren't football related are:

- Off Menu (James caster and ed gamble have a guest to describe their perfect meal. Better than it sounds 😂)

- last podcast on the left (horror comedy podcast, three Americans so can get a bit OTT but stick with it)

- Some one who isn't me ( Daniel P Carter podcast where he interviews different artists, can get a bit deep depending on the guest but interesting)

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