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Should Henderson replace De Gea?

There have been reports in the media that United are open to selling De Gea to offering Henderson another contract worth 100k a week (and sending him out on another season loan at Sheff United). Others have made issues of De Gea's form not being as good as a few seasons ago and the media are linking him to a move to Madrid (however unlikely that may seem). Some fans are now calling for Henderson to come in and replace or compete with De Gea for first team place.

Is Henderson ready to replace De Gea? Would De Gea step up or crumble with competition for his place? Should United sell De Gea this summer?

posted on 24/3/20

It's only a dip in form. Still in that period he was better than many in the league. He has been our player of the season for the last so many years. Give him some more time to come back to form. People started slating him for losing a handful losses. But how many wins he has earned in the recent past. And all are judging Henderson by just one season. It will be a big mistake to replace DDG with him. I would rather make Romero number one if De Gea left end of this season.

posted on 24/3/20

DDG is still in the top 2 GK's within the Prem.

posted on 24/3/20

comment by (kash) I'm the Mané - 6 Times Baby (U1108)
posted 1 hour, 15 minutes ago
Which club is going to match his 300k a week for effectively a dodgy keeper?
Real Madrid

comment by Naby8 (U6997)

posted on 24/3/20

At this risk of defending a Utd player - every goalkeeper, no matter how good, needs an understanding with their back four. DDG has been working with a new RB, a new CB and rotating CB and LB. It's not been settled.

As the season has gone on Utd have looked more settled and have stopped leaking goals.

Henderson has looked good but ultimately has half a season of EPL experience. I'd be amazed if he replaced DDG already.

posted on 24/3/20

Patience is the way to go here. Romero is possibly the best #2 in the Prem. Give henderson one more full season at SHFUD and see how David's form is next season. No reason to make any big decision right now.

posted on 24/3/20

De Gea hasn’t been bad this season. Generally decent. I wouldn’t replace him. He’s a winner and we need them

posted on 24/3/20

Opta stats on De Gea vs Henderson
Using Opta stats, we compare the form of De Gea and counterpart Henderson in the Premier League this season.

Games played
De Gea: 28
Henderson: 26

Shots Faced (inc. blocks)
De Gea: 297
Henderson: 295

Goals Conceded
De Gea: 30
Henderson: 22

Clean Sheets
De Gea: 7
Henderson: 9

De Gea: 72
Henderson: 66

Saves (from inside the box)
De Gea: 44
Henderson: 39

Saves (from outside the box)
De Gea: 28
Henderson: 25

Save Percentage
De Gea: 70.59
Henderson: 74.42

Clearances (inc. Punches)
De Gea: 12
Henderson: 20

Goals Conceded (in box)
De Gea: 26
Henderson: 21

Goals Conceded (out box)
De Gea: 4
Henderson: 1

Errors Leading to Goals
De Gea: 3
Henderson: 1

Errors Leading to Shots (inc. goals)
De Gea: 4
Henderson: 1

De Gea: 1
Henderson: 3

posted on 24/3/20

Obviously Hendo's stats are promising. He will get better,

I think we will keep DDG one more season - also keep Henderson on loan for 1 more season.

posted on 24/3/20

Hendo seems like a die hard united fan. Sure if we give him a new contract and stick him only loan for another season or two he will wait.

posted on 24/3/20

He'll wait another season I think. One of the gripes people have with Henderson is that he is worse with the ball at his feet than De Gea.

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