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Are we heading towards a facist state?

Yesterday, an opposition questions asked Matt Hancock a very reasonable question in the House of Commons, about the way Coronavirus was going, and she was told by him that she had to watch her tone. In other words don`t ask questions that may be questioning the way the Government is acting.

The person who asked the questions was an active front line NHS worker, as well as being an MP. And if she cannot ask a question without being rebuked. Who can?

Classic media manipulation this morning as well, on the day when UK hits over 32,000 deaths, and the 2nd highest total in the world, the media is full of a story about a Scientific Adviser, who apparently went off to have a bit of nokkie with his lover. This is the sort of deflection of bad news that is prevalent in a countries that usually have a Dictator at their head. The truth shall be supressed.

Standard Government lines coming out, now is not the time to be questioning us. We need to get through this first, then you can ask questions.

Then of course they will blame it all onto the Scientists, that is a 100 per cent certainty.

These are very worrying times for this country.

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 4 weeks ago

comment by palmers_spur (U8896)
posted 4 minutes ago
comment by Bales (U22081)
posted 26 minutes ago
comment by palmers_spur (U8896)
posted 21 minutes ago
comment by Robbing Hoody - tell me I can't and I'll show you I can (U6374)
posted 1 hour, 25 minutes ago
Ha missed your last sentence Bales! Yeah it's pretty damning.

Can you direct me to an appropriate site re this company ‘Faculty’

I’m genuinely intrigued to read about them
The Guardian have done a few pieces on them:

It's important to note that what's out there right now is in the context of them working on the Leave campaign and processing COVID-19 data from the NHS, which would've been annonymised before they got their hands on it.

This app will feed the data directly from people's phones to a central database that can be used by the government as they see fit. This will include all of the personally identifiable information and location tracking. Google and Apple's proposed solution relied on that information being stored on people's phones instead. It would achieve the same thing without having to send sensitive information to a computer server.

Hancock was asked about this and basically said 'the app will be secure' but there is no good reason for the data to be centralised unless you want to use it for something. And as Robbing said above, people should have no reason for thinking they've got our best interests at heart when they are doing that.

Re this comment:

‘ This app will feed the data directly from people's phones to a central database that can be used by the government as they see fit.’

Surely the only data that will be fed will be whatever data we provide, which, presumably for covid 19 purposes will just be current health, whereabouts etc.

Am I missing something?

I'm not 100% on what the app asks for but will likely include an email address, gender, and date of birth.

Even if it doesn't include those details they would be easy to get once you've granted access. Also, thanks to the tracking and Bluetooth they will know where you go, who you meet etc.

As I said previously - this might not seem so invasive or important to you but you have to consider who has this data, and why they need to store it. Hint: their track record with this stuff is terrible, and there is no good reason to store it.

Even after all that you think you might trust it anyway, think about the future. This data won't be deleted once the current government are booted out. Even if you agree with this lot there's a good chance you won't with a government down the line.

Also, it's worth considering the privacy issue on a purely human level. If someone asked you for a detailed report of all of your habits and people you meet etc it would seem incredibly invasive. It's not the best way to fight the virus, and the government storing the data in this way would be unnecessary even if you believed it was.

posted 4 weeks ago

Have their been any potential security or privacy issues in South Korea following their adoption of an app.

They are using a similar app aren’t they? Has there been any opposition to an app bring used by their government?

posted 4 weeks ago

*being used

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 4 weeks ago

Honestly Palmers, at this point I'm not informed on everything about all of the apps etc. Anecdotally, I've read that they've struggled with mass adoption of the app due to privacy concerns, but they're requiring it for travel through airports.

Anyway, don't trust everything I say - i'm an ex-pat marketing guy with a limited background in tech. Have a Google around and let us know what you find out

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 4 weeks ago

FYI - saying 'just my whereabouts' when combined with sensitive personal information is not accurate. They would be able to form a very good picture of what your life is like, who you socialise with etc etc..

posted 4 weeks ago

"Classic media manipulation this morning as well, on the day when UK hits over 32,000 deaths, and the 2nd highest total in the world, "
And probably the highest per capita, Sandy!
We're hitting 70,000 deaths over here but we have 300 Million people.

posted 4 weeks ago

Thanks Bales

I wasn’t being a smart arssse asking all those questions, hope it didn’t sound like I was. I genuinely don’t have a great insight into all this stuff and am pretty apathetic when it comes to politics.

It’s good to know though so fair play to you (and Robbing) on looking into this stuff.

Will let you know if I discover anything

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 4 weeks ago


That's cool, I get it. I'm just a bit of a nerd about this stuff and thought the app seemed like a neat idea so I looked into it. It's not good!

posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Palmers, you might find this interesting:


comment by sandy (U20567)

posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

I think the general rule of thumb on this app is, if the Government think it will be good, don`t touch it with a bargepole.

They haven`t got anything right yet, so why would they get this app right.

I will make my own mind up when to lift lockdown. Anything I hear from this Government, I take with a pinch of salt. They have lied so much, not just about Corona, but also Brexit, Austerity, etc, you really cannot believe anything they say.

Best to just use your own commonsense.

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