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Return of the Blackmailer

You may recall a few years ago Ginger received a threatening email trying to force him off the forum or his comments made on the site (which taken in isolation look bad) would be sent to his work and family. Ginger posted it on here and refused to be pushed around.

I had my suspicions around who it was but not enough concrete evidence. Writing styles and IP addresses helped my thinking.

Well yesterday he tried to do similar again but this time very, very creepily. Actually, really sad and attention seeking. I received a message to my Twitter account with a quote from Ginger on here and making fun of it with some private details regarding Ginger. At first, I wasn’t sure why it was sent to me but it wasn’t long before I realised they wanted it passed on. I checked out the fake Twitter page and they only followed things relevant to me and with one comment posted to someone Ginger knows.

The info shared on Ginger isn’t difficult to get on an internet search with enough basic details and neither was the stuff on me. Certainly nothing other than saddo stalker information. I went back and forth on whether to let Ginger know about this. I am not fussed by it as it is nothing outrageous but I was concerned Ginger would take it as such. I spoke to admin about it briefly then slept on it and decided to let Ginger know. He can comment on his own thoughts but nothing to see here other than an attention seeking needy guy.

So why us? Well this person has a bee in his bonnet about Ginger for some reason and has had it for a long time hence the attempted blackmail. Me? I suspect someone didn’t like another poster putting up a first name on here and blamed me so it was a show of “look what I can get on you". Again, nothing anyone couldn’t find out if they really wanted to know. In fact a lot of the posters on here already know anyway.

I am happy to connect with anyone on here whether professionally or socially. Everyone on here has business ventures or work that one day may cross paths. So, if anyone wants to connect feel free. As for this person, I think they just need a chat with me or Ginger to get off their chest whatever is bothering them about us, I am sure you will find us decent people – well me anyway. I am happy to have this chat – I think you know where to find me

Clarification 1
I will make it clear that no threats or blackmail comments were made this time. It was simply a show of look what I can find out about you.

Clarification 2
It wasn’t Mick

Clarification 3
My suspicions have not changed on who it is in light of the timing of this following the banning of a poster last week.

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

raiding other forums

The bantz !!

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Exactly. I mean, we’re all posting on FF, but at least we keep our heads down.

I’m BigBillyBigotBoots on there. Getting away with it so far.

comment by Silver (U6112)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Makes it sound like a spiffing jape

comment by Silver (U6112)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

comment by PointyBirds (U21890)
posted 41 seconds ago
Exactly. I mean, we’re all posting on FF, but at least we keep our heads down.

I’m BigBillyBigotBoots on there. Getting away with it so far.
I enjoy fcking up their polls.

Right bears, A, B or C?


posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

<comment by The Mighty Quinn (U4099)
posted 7 hours, 27 minutes ago
Well Mr Dee real good to see that you still look in now and then. As we've all said before you & your stats are missed on here. Hope you and family are prospering - wean must be 3 by now?> < We're all good Quinny, you? You kidding? That one is 8 now. >

Fvk me gently

That means this must be .... 2020!

All good with me & family. Lost a close colleague to C19 3 weeks ago

she was in her 40’s non smoker non drinker and in peak physical

You got more than one now by the sound.

Good to talk again to a fellow weirdo who doesn't give a fvk.

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

<In the past the chaps on (not606) would do 'raids" on other forums to wind up the dafties.>

Gosh! How absolutely thrilling!

Matron will be up to hi doh.

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

<comment by CelticTornado (U4316)
posted 19 hours, 36 minutes ago
Is it ishy ? DC ? Super ally ?>

Wan outa three.

Exact same as Rangers wins from New Year to shutdown.

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Scot Squad is so bad. Can't be in the same room as my TV when it's on

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Scot Squad is funny.

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

I just can't. I'm sorry. It just doesn't work for me

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