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Fake footballers

We’ve all seen the fake footballers telling us how scared they are to return to playing

I can’t think of many more things more disgusting than this charade, it’s up there with Branson and others who are a fckng disgrace

Joe public will have to return to the office, shops or their usual place of work which you can guarantee won’t be prepared as the clubs training and playing facilities which will be be spotlessly cleans, everything tested checked etc

I would bet my life that these players who are too scared to play won’t be scared if they are out of contract and say to a potential new employer, I won’t be signing for you as i don’t feel safe enough to train / play. Their saying it now knowing the clubs wouldn’t be able to say come on soft lad get your boots on so their milking it for all they can

comment by Thor (U22388)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Bales ypite pistnga lot of disinformation here. Perhaps check your facts before posting. Stadium sanitisation will not take the time you say it will take, players won't have to train for 6 weeks. Also, the reagents thing etc etc.

Sounds to me like you're making some of this up and to what end, I don't know.

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm certainly not intending to post misinformation. The reagents issue is real. This wasn't the article I read but it should cover it:


The stadium prep and cleaning I was thinking of was a more general thing. There'll be a ton of jobs that have to be done to get a stadium ready even without the virus. My point wasn't that it would take weeks necessarily, but that lots of people would have to go to work - not just footballers.

I based 6 weeks in the typical preseason, and what De Bruyne said a while back when he was asked about resuming the league. Anyone that knows football knows it's common sense. They're talking about no contact training in groups of 5.. that's not even a proper preseason.

I encourage you to debate and the points I've made - disagree all you like if you have an opinion you can justify - rather than try to second guess my motives.

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Gah the typos. Shouldn't drink and 606.

It's just opinions buddy. Take it easy

comment by Thor (U22388)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

First off, your link is about the USA, not the UK. Does that not make it irrelevant to project restart?

Secondly, look at the date "By Katie Thomas, March 11, 2020.

Its a foreign article written two months ago. I dont see how its relevant tbh, but still let's assume it has a modicum of relevance...

This is a time when things are moving fast, scientists working overtime. Do you know how many new tests I've read about in that time? Neither do I. I just know its a lot.

If there was more recent and closer to home evidence for what you say, you'd have used it and it would have been relevant. Your link only proves it was an issue in some places in the USA two months ago. How ridiculous to assume the situation is still the same and that the same thing is happening in England. I'm sure you know that its guaranteed that things have changed.

Blood tests don't use reagents anyway, do they? There's a number of different blood tests now available too.

With all due respect, I don't see anything that even hints at competition for reagents or that project restart will take anything away from vital services. Your link doesn't prove this IMO.

Furthermore, the govt and prem clubs are full of all sorts of experts. The govt have been incompetent but still there's no way planning is or should be proceeding without having solved utterly simple issues like testing away from NHS and vital services.

Challenges facing the project are many and serious but stuff like reagents? You can't be serious IMO.

comment by Thor (U22388)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

As for stadium prep and cleaning, have to admit I'm also relying on a more general thing. Considering how other places in this and other countries have been sanitized by spraying etc, there's no way it would take as long as you say for sure.

As for the number of people required, there is already an accepted estimate of how many people it would take to stage a game so I would think its all been accounted for. Furthermore, stadiums would be cleaned even before covid and it could be possibly be a matter of providing protective equipment and necessary chemicals with little addition to staff.

Again, project restart will have taken this into account anyway. It sounds like a pretty basic issue. If prepping the stadium would take so long then they wouldn't be planning to finish the season would they?

As for pre season, we have been kept aware that players have had fitness regimes and schedules from clubs this whole time. Clubs are also sending staff to check on them. This is not the usual summer break where they get drunk and lazy around on a beach.

Discussions have been held with coaches and managers and they've come up with a possible time frame that is flexible depending on other developments. IMO, if they can get three weeks of full training before the first game then that should be enough time.

Remember everyone has to make some concessions. If you get a decent amount of training time then just get on with it and be happy that other things have gone well to enable play to continue.

It would be better if you actually researched what and how the plan is and then poke holes in that, but trying to rationalise the restart without actually knowing how it will work can be a wild goose chase. What if it turns out all your concerns have been addressed? There could be an answer waiting for you at every turn.

All this is not to say the project is foolproof. Just tying to address the specific points you raised.

comment by Thor (U22388)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Also, I visit a lot of sports sites and I don't remember where but I saw some guy say he works as a steward for a Prem club and they'd contacted him to ask how he usually travels to and from the stadium, details etc.

Obviously the internet is full of them but there you go.

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

You haven't addressed the points I've raised, If you'd read my earlier comments properly you'd realise that. But you're too busy having a rant. You fill your boots.

I'm obviously wrong and it's perfectly fine for football to restart now. There's no concern in the sport or society at all that there government aren't handling this well. I'm the only with this concern. Football teams don't need to train for a few weeks and play practice matches to prevent injury and play like a team. There's no precedent for this at all, in every competition all over the world.

There you go

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Note: that was sarcasm.

Try taking some time to calm down and read through my comments properly. I'm happy to have a debate but it doesn't seem like you're interested or capable right now.

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Done your reading yet? Read the bit where I said even if there were an infinite number of tests it still wouldn't be morally right for footballers to have them before others?

I think Lampard probably said it better than me, maybe we can start the conversation afresh. Discuss:


comment by Thor (U22388)

posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

How have I not addressed your points? You've done exactly what you've accused me of, going on a rant instead of addressing the points. Perhaps you could have just explained what I missed? It looks to me like I addresses all your points.

As for Lampard, I agree with him only if football is using the same resources as the front line staff. At the end of the day, testing a few thousand people is not the same as testing hundreds of thousands. The logistics are entirely different, not to mention the incompetence of the govt.

Private covid tests are being sold and anyone could obtain a covid test. Some companies are obtaining these tests and no one sees it as bad thing. Tests that can assess thousands of samples in one go take much longer to produce a result. Tests that can assess only a small number of samples in one go are more instantaneous.

There has to reach a breaking point where you are risking the health of regular folk simply because front line workers have for some reason not be tested, whereas testing them is a whole different ball game, relying on completely different methods because of the sheer number of tests they have to do.

For me its not morally correct to not approve of private testing when the truth is front line staff should have been tested continuously for the last 8 or so weeks.

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