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aUbA iS nOt BiG gAmE pLaYeR pt.2

Sorry guys but I had to do it again. Castor and illogical what do you have to say now?

comment by 5-2 (U10698)

posted on 3/8/20

comment by The Logical One (U20872)

posted 6 hours ago

comment by You Can't Buy Class (U12019)
posted 1 hour, 26 minutes ago
It's not subjective for Aubameyang though you autist.
Clearly you don't get out or even socialise much apart from on this board 😅😂

I notice you still haven't been able show me another goal he's scored for Arsenal like the one he scored on saturday...beating a defender with skill then scoring, whats up cant find one? 🤔🤣
So definition of world class is this. You have to get past player and lob a keeper to be world class.
Cristiano is mostly scoring tap ins and penalties in his last few season, you rarely see him get past player and then score. Does that mean he isn't world class?

comment by 5-2 (U10698)

posted on 3/8/20

comment by V - We played a little bit with the handbrake (U7971)

posted 4 hours, 19 minutes ago

At the risk of getting caught in the cross-fire... of course it's subjective whether a player is world-class or not.

Is Aubameyang on the level of Messi, Ronaldo, Bale (a few years ago), Neymar, Suarez etc.? No he's not - that may be enough for some people to say he's not world class.

(of a person, thing, or activity) of or among the best in the world.

So if you said is he of the same calibre as the players I mentioned above, the answer would of course be no.

I guess Logical is treating world-class as equivalent to ultimate top 0.01% of players, whereas others may widen that to include slightly lesser players (e.g. Salah, Aguero, Hazard) and then yes Auba fits in to that category.

Saying all that, I happen to believe he is world-class as I guess my definition is a bit looser and I'd probably have another higher category again, like 'Legendary' or something, But to claim that it is 'fact' that he is world-class is simply not the case.

It's all semantics at the end of the day, I reckon you both rate him the same, you just describe it differently. Unless YCBC you consider him at the same level as Messi/Ronaldo/Neymar/Suarez?
Yeah I understood that he wants to say that, but then Ronaldo and Messi are the only world class players because they are at least level above everyone else. At the moment Auba is probably just little behind Lewa, who is best striker in the world probably. He scored most goals of all PL players since he came to Premier League. Does that mean that there is no world class player in Premier League?

posted on 3/8/20

Where to even start with this mess of a person and can I be bothered? Not really, bashing head up against a brick wall springs to mind as does in one ear and out the other when it comes to The Ignorant One. Why should I waste more of my time trying to further your education when your teachers obviously tried and failed.

As 5-2 has pretty much explained, you are getting yourself in a little muddle and state again. Throughout your hundreds of worthless comments on this article and those before it you have failed to provide one iota of evidence to support your opinions, yet you then have the audacity to say I'm not providing evidence that Auba can score goals like that out of nothing? Why should I? I never said I would and you don't listen anyway. Go and search YouTube yourself and look through every single one of Auba's professional goals, you'll find plenty where he beats players with pace or skill, heck if your memory was not as s|-|it as your intelligence you'd remember multiple Arsenal goals he has scored out of nothing.

That's also not what makes someone World Class FYI. The World Class players all have different strengths and weaknesses, for example; Neymar is a better dribbler and more skillful on the ball than Aubameyang but Auba is a better finisher. That doesn't mean Neymar is a bad finisher though. nor does it mean Auba is a bad dribbler or lacks skill, he doesn't.

Now you are bracketing Ronaldo & Messi together with Neymar? No, no, no. Ronaldo & Messi are once in a generation players, they are beyond World Class, they are the best of a generation. The fact that you are grouping those two together with World Class players proves once and for all that you are as thick as s|-|it and clueless about football, thanks for reminding me why I filtered you, absolute waste of time conversing with such a moron. Now f**k off autist.

posted on 3/8/20

YCBC someone has a different opinion to you... that is all... seriously dude why do you care so much that you have to resort to childish insults? Can’t you just accept that not everyone thinks the same way and that you can’t always convince someone to change their opinion? Life would be pretty dull if no one had a different point of view.

posted on 3/8/20

Because every single message he's written has contained insults, so fair's fair.

posted on 3/8/20

Ok fair point lol, both of you stop winding each other up

posted on 3/8/20

I'm not wound up and I'm pretty sure ilog isn't either, he's too sure of his opinion to let anyone wind him up

posted on 3/8/20

But it's time to agree to disagree, we all know who is in the majority and who is in the minority and as I said before, you don't get to have opinions on facts

posted on 4/8/20

comment by You Can't Buy Class (U12019)
posted 15 hours, 47 minutes ago
I'm not wound up and I'm pretty sure ilog isn't either, he's too sure of his opinion to let anyone wind him up
You were clearly wound up but we can pretend otherwise 😉

posted on 4/8/20

No u.

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