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Get well soon VVD.. let’s step up

Like Klopp says, it doesn’t do to dwell on what you can’t change.

Here’s to the big man Virg, get well soon. It’s up to the players he has trained with day in day out to step up.

Klopp needs to adapt the game plan, trust him to do that over all parts of the game. Eg.

- Defensive line and organisation
- Playing out from the back, switch of play
- Corner routines, defending and attacking
- Set pieces, defending and attacking

All of that will take time to implement and if we can squeeze some results out while that happens, all the better

Just need to get on with it now.

posted on 18/10/20

comment by Dr Tobias Fünke (U1217)
posted 1 minute ago
comment by lfc65 (U17359)
posted 48 seconds ago
Despite this news I am still confident we will win the league , thought we were really good yesterday and it’s not as though anyone else is showing any consistency
Yeah, normally you'd expect the cream to rise to the top so to speak, but I think results are going to be weird all season giving us a decent chance still.
as long as mane or salah maintain their form and fitness you will be fine, the one thing you must accept is teams are going to have a go at you so those esy eventless 3 pointers are gone.

you are pretty much going to go through what city went through last season without Kompany and the character of some of your players will be tested.

posted on 18/10/20

Totally outrageous, Pickford should be red carded in retrospect and given a lengthy ban, for imposing a stupid, reckless career ending challenge

Honestly, if he’s allowed to get away with this, seeing what he did and how he did it, it would be scandalous

posted on 18/10/20

comment by ttliv87 (U11882)
posted 1 hour, 49 minutes ago
comment by Star 19 (U22043)
posted 4 minutes ago
comment by ttliv87 (U11882)
posted 5 minutes ago
Fabinho is a grate CB, as long as Thiago isn't out too long we can manage. No need to rush Van Dijk back so forget about it until August next year at the earliest. Would rather a slow perfect recovery than a quick one that risks complications.
He is but I wouldn’t want him to be playing at CB whilst Thiago is out.
Thiago avoided serious injury after the Richarlison tackle. The Spain international is expected to miss Ajax away but shouldn’t be out for long [@JamesPearceLFC
Hasn't mentioned a time, but I would guess a week or 2 seeing as he specifically mentioned missing Ajax game.
Fingers crossed then. Also heard that Alisson might be back at the end of October which would be great news.

posted on 18/10/20

It’s lucky we have Klopp

One things for sure, we won’t be buying anyone as cover as VVD will be expected to return by next season.

Trust Klopp to coach and develop tactics as needed to get us through this.

When the chips are down is when a manager shows his class, and we have one of the top 5 in the business.

Come on you reds.

posted on 18/10/20

It’s a long and with it a lonely journey back from such an injury.

Watching as your team mates play, and travel together in the champions league while you’re effectively stuck on an exercise bike and in a pool for months on end.

Trying to keep the weight off, but your head still in the game.

I’m sure our supporters will keep Virg in good spirits.

posted on 19/10/20

comment by 6x Champ19ns - Back on our Perch! (U22487)
posted 5 hours, 9 minutes ago
Are there any decent free agents out there we could get on a short-term deal?

posted on 22/10/20

So it looks like Fabinho will deputise for VVD.

posted on 25/10/20

Team are stepping up, and Klopp has seemingly got a new formation up and running.

Playing all of : Mane, Firmino, Salah and Jota.

The forward line provides more width, reducing the requirement for the fullbacks to do so, which means they provide additional cover at the back at times.

Good stuff.

posted on 25/10/20

I thought yesterday that the setup wasn't really working, but it may have been more to do with how Sheff Utd were set up, especially as they had something to hold on to from early in the game. We did look good up until they got that pen.

posted on 25/10/20

First time we played that formation mate, will take some bedding in but you can see what it’s designed to do. We looked good until the VAR ref offered up the pen which is when sheff Utd just defended with ten men and started time wasting.

Brewster shouldn’t have been thrust into that game, he’s only a lad who very reluctantly left us.

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