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Free School Meals Disgrace

Sick and tired now of "celebs" on huge salaries virtue signaling spending hard pressed tax payers money. The latest Marcus Rashford.
To his credit I think he is sincere but not sure yet whether he is just naïve (he is very young) or just plain thick.
In the middle of a global pandemic, the like of which the world has not seen for a century, that is causing health and economic devastation Rashford has taken it upon himself to decide how the government should prioritize their spending. And his answer is that we must all cough up for other people's children. However much we are all struggling ourselves. How generous of him as he sits in his mansion on £200K a week.
The government cannot submit to mob rule by social media with whatever virtue signaling idiot, be it Lineker or Hugh Grant deciding for us how our money should be spent.
I have nothing against philanthropy and credit to those individuals and businesses that have decided to help out. But no government can be held to ransom by the social media mob.
How about Rashford funds free school means in his local area rather than expecting hard up families to fund it.

posted on 27/10/20

comment by *Robbing Hoody - Clandestine Boat Pleb (U6374)
posted 7 hours, 32 minutes ago
comment by Boom SakaLaca(U3664)
posted 5 seconds ago
comment by Automatic For The People (U21889)
posted 10 minutes ago

It’s an emotive issue, but not a complicated one, feed the f*cking kids.
Couldn't agree more AFTP.
Exactly what parents should be doing with their benefits.

You're obviously pretty clueless about the benefits system, I system I used to work on.

I notice you didn't answer my question before.

I'll add more to it because this is happening everyday.

So if you've been made redundant from a 0 hours contract job due to policy in a gig economy that this Government has purposely nurtured and it takes six weeks for your universal credit to come through.

Your universal credit finally comes through, it's £1100 for everything including your kids but you've already missed one months rent which is £600 and housing benefit only goes to £450 anyway. Your entire £1100 doesnt cover the two months rent and now you can face eviction and no one has even eaten and no bills have been paid.

But yeah, it's the parents fault. You come across as a complete moron tbh.

Whats the answer?

posted on 27/10/20

Instead of awarding literally billions to companies like Serco who have a track record of failing they spend a mere £20m on free school meals until February.

Just to put that into perspective that's less than half of what they spent on advertising for Brexit... which hasn't happened.

It's not hard.

posted on 27/10/20

Who would win in a fight to the death between a 13 year old homeless kid and a 58 year old Tory adult male?

posted on 27/10/20

Well it's certainly something I'd like to see.

If the kid had eaten, gotten a decent night's sleep and been abused by said Tory, the 13 year old by a fox hunting country mile I reckon.

posted on 27/10/20

I went to the toilet and in that time I decided that I would genuinely watch homeless people vs Tories on PPV, winner takes all in the "Social Mobility Octagon".

posted on 27/10/20

I dunno, I wouldn't bet against Johnson, he has form against kids: http://gph.is/1hIDQ1G

posted on 27/10/20

Weird. He plays football and rugby exactly the same

Give the homeless kid steel toecaps and 9/10 times he'll kick his face off.

posted on 27/10/20

Ok I'll get something set up. Will have to split the pay per view money accordingly so 99.9% to the Tory and 0.01% to the homeless person.

posted on 27/10/20

That's very generous. Could you also fix it for me, if the homeless wins, that the Daily Mail publish a story about his grandparents coming from Eastern Europe possibly? And if you could, find a picture where one of his parents' siblings has slightly browner skin than the others and use a caption that infers something about a 'shady background' while not being overtly racist. Thx.

posted on 27/10/20

Don't worry there will be loads of money put into the promotion of the fight from the Tory guy's side. We will have the daily mail etc all over it in the weeks before the fight. Stories about him being a Romanian Pickpocketer. And the Tory just "Taking back whats are's"

I shall contact some Tory MPs to see if they are interested in participating. It may not actually be that bad of an idea if the money is going to homeless charities and the Tories could be made to look like good sports. Everyone's a winner.

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