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The ref and that Luke Shaw challenge....

This is fast becoming one of my least favourite aspects of football and its not just that Shaw challenge its happened to other teams too.

He wins the ball and his momentum takes him into Barnes. That's simply unavoidable. Its called Physics. He can't halt his momentum after he nicks the ball mid air can he?

It's rules devised by people who have never played the game. Those types of challenges are simply unavoidable at times unless you take slide tackles out of the game which nobody wants to see.

Thought the referee was appalling in general last night. Maguire's 'foul' for the disallowed goal was very soft too. If that's Chris Wood making it 1 0 to Burnley with that goal and it got ruled out everyone would be saying United buying refs again. Its a contact sport but I fear it won't be for much longer.

Top of the league though.

posted 2 weeks ago

Fair enough I guess it's open to interpretation I just felt it was reckless quite high and just as forceful as the Shaw challenge.

People have mentioned the time taken and how it should look to cricket and rugby and I totally agree. With rugby the ref clearly sets out why he made the decision. With VAR and football ref all we do is guess and get Dermot or some ex ref in the studio making garbage assumptions

posted 2 weeks ago

comment by Greg- (U1192)
posted 2 minutes ago
also i think the yellow for shaw was right, but the rule where the player who wipes cavani out escapes punishment its completely fecking stupid.

imagine he snapped cavanis leg, does that just get waved away because of the shaw foul?

ridiculous system set up by complete and utter kents.... KENTS.

No, if it had been deemed a violent challenge, it would have punishable. A professional foul (where the crime is gaining an unfair advantage) wasn't punishable, because the ball shouldn't have been in play due to Shaw's foul. By contrast, the ball doesn't have to be in play (the match doesn't even have to be in progress) for the ref to punish a violent act or dangerous act.

posted 2 weeks ago

RR I think that's the best summary I've seen and suppose justifies it. Assuming that is the law or is it your assumption?

comment by Greg- (U1192)

posted 2 weeks ago

comment by Red Russian (U4715)

I don't disagree.

The problem we have here is, had we had a chance at goal and play carried on (as ref waved play on after the Shaw tackle), would play have stopped for example if the keeper caught the ball and kicked it down the pitch into our half?

No it wouldn't, because the ref waved play on.

The only reason it was pulled back to the Shaw incident is because their player wiped out Cavani from behind and they were at risk of a red card. A tackle from behind is just as dangerous, if not more.
The guy completely escaped punishment....... not even a yellow when he was most probably expecting a red card.

posted 2 weeks ago

I think Greg as a comparison if play had stopped because cavani shot and their defender handballed it on the line then the removal of the red card makes sense.

But agree that a distinction should be made for fouls involving contact with opponents. For example every foul is gaining an unfair advantage but some are bookings for whatever reason..persistence or severity etc

comment by Greg- (U1192)

posted 2 weeks ago

He should have received a yellow card for a reckless challenge, maybe not a red because as you say if the play was correctly stopped after Shaws tackle, they would never have been in that situation.

The fact play was carried on as the referee deemed it OK, which led to the last man carrying out a reckless challenge on Cavani means he should have been booked, in my opinion.
Not a red card, but 100% a yellow for the recklessness of the tackle.

comment by Greg- (U1192)

posted 2 weeks ago

And that Maguire 'foul'. Wow, I was fuming at that.
I'm in a group chat with my football team (about 40 guys in the chat), and they were giving it large and I was biting like a fool, purely because I was raging after that first half
Mostly City, Liverpool and Arsenal supporters in there.

posted 2 weeks ago

Not sure of what the rules say constitutes a yellow card and the difference between a yellow and a red tackle.

I do think if he does that tackle anywhere else on the pitch in normal play it is a booking. I suppose he is getting a way with it on the argument well we wouldn't need to tackle if the ref had for the Shaw free kick correct but as above if VAR will create these scenarios they need to cater for that. Even an innocuous challenge could injure a player.

There were a few times yesterday where we played passes and it looked offsidewe then seemed to slow the attack and wait a while because we were worried if we scored to quick it would be chalked off

posted 2 weeks ago

comment by Greg- (U1192)
posted 35 minutes ago
comment by Edinspur (U1109)
posted 28 seconds ago
comment by Greg- (U1192)
posted 1 minute ago
comment by Edinspur (U1109)
posted 3 hours, 11 minutes ago
Wins the ball and momentum takes him through to the opposition player...

unpopular opinion but it genuinely looks like ramseys leg broke before shawcross even touched him

look at the freeze frame, unless ramsey has some flexible bones/ankles (he could do), looks like shawcross just snapped it even more than it was currently snapping
Am I fack going to freeze frame that
fair enough - you dont actually see much to be honest so its not as bad as it sounds.
The worst thing about that is the use of 'get's'...

posted 2 weeks ago

comment by Hansaplast (U1250)
posted 6 hours, 28 minutes ago
comment by Winston (U16525)
posted 10 minutes ago
Incidents like this reveal who actually knows anything at all about the laws of the game and who doesn't.
If 5 trained men need to look at it for 6 minutes then obviously its not that obvious.

Why are you always so condescending?

I see the lonely belllend didn't come back on this, so let's be clear.

Saying that this incident reveals who knows the laws and who doesn't, absolutely does not mean that anyone who thinks it was a red card does not understand the rules.

A classic case of putting 2 and 2 together, and coming up with 5.

Although I doubt this muppet would even get that close.

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