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JV out for a few weeks

Because of a hernia operation, so I hear.

posted on 22/1/21

I don’t like Perez in the same role as Vardy. He just isn’t suited to it. He’s more accomplished with wonders running in behind him.

For me, it’s time for Nacho to lose that belly and step up.

After the Justin option obvs.

posted on 22/1/21

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Barnes and Perez, if Rodgers pondered Perez in behind Barnes and Albrighton and Ricardo either side of Maddison

posted on 22/1/21

It wouldn’t really be for a couple of weeks with Edouard though, he could become Vardy’s eventual successor.

Brendan is keen according to rumours and has worked with him before obviously. Just thought this news may force his hand, we may try in the summer if not.

posted on 22/1/21

It was bound to happen. Every team has had to deal with injuries to their star players. We've been lucky to last this long into the season and only miss Vardy for a handful of games here and there.

He does bring more to the team / performance than goals. He's a constant menace and ensures we maintain a relatively high line leading from the front.

I am quietly confident that we have something in the wings. It makes absolutely no sense to make this announcement and not have something lined up (or being close to lined up).

We would hardly have used him against Brentford anyway and announcing it just before the end of the window (on the off chance we might have wanted to do some business would drive the value of any potential signings right up - as clubs would see us as in urgent need of a replacement).

As I said, we may yet see a striker come in either on loan or permanently. Rodgers is a (fairly) straight talker, but he's not an open book. Would he tell the world we are on the verge of signing someone, even if it were the case? Doubtful.

In the event we don't get anyone in between now and Everton, I think it has to be Perez leading the line. I think he needs more support than we've given him this season though. He hasn't the pace to trouble defenders, although he is tidy on the ball and links up well given a chance.

A 4-3-3 would probably be best for him. First XI (as the formation looks on the pitch):

Schmeichel (obvs)

Castagne, Fofana, Evans, Justin

Albrighton, Ndidi, Tielemans

Maddison, Perez, Barnes

I'd get rid of Iheanacho tomorrow. He is an absolute waste of space. He has no footballing brain (or seemingly any sort of brain, given the constantly vacant expression he wears on his face). Either he is world class in training, or his attitude is just slightly better than Gray's.

I'd love to swap Edouard for him (possibly plus cash). Pack him off to Scotland where he might be useful. I wouldn't be overly concerned if we lose Choudhury either, as he is a red card waiting to happen every time he crosses the white line.

We shall see in the coming week, but one thing is for sure - we won't give up hoping and supporting on the sofas! Hopefully we can keep going on all fronts, starting on Sunday!


comment by Jobyfox (U4183)

posted on 22/1/21

Interesting article in the Merc that's quotes Brendan as down playing Vardy's injury a little bit. Optimistic that he'll be back sooner rather than later.

If we sign anyone in the transfer window then it's likely to be an attacking midfielder.


Whatever the outcome to all this it brings home that squad depth in the striker position is surely something we cannot ignore for much longer.

posted on 23/1/21

Just seen in the 16 games in the prem we’ve played without him we have a slightly higher win percentage - I’m amazed!

Let’s hope that continues

posted on 23/1/21

In terms of midfielder - I think we will try to pull something out of the bag to support us until the end of the season. I expect Dewsbury-Hall to be challenging and starting games next season, he really is a very good player.

I’m not as worried as some about a striker. My main concern is the quality of strikers available but that’s an issue for everyone. However, with Vardy always going to start games when available and, I expect, this will be pretty much the case for a very high percentage of his career here - getting a quality striker in at the moment will be difficult because they will now how difficult it will be to get a match. Any purchase of a ready-to-go striker will coincide with the end of Vardy’s tenure; I’ve made peace with that.

What would be nice, is to look for a young prospect, in the Vardy mould, to try to nurture through.

posted on 23/1/21

Ps - ultimately, I think this is an opportunity to highlight and concentrate on the focus of goals from other attacking outlets

posted on 23/1/21

This is perhaps best viewed as an opportunity to see whether someone we already have can step up to the plate in Vardy's absence, possibly also using different tactics given that neither Ian nor Perez are a straight replacement for him.

My preference would be to give it to Ian as he is probably more of an out and out striker than Perez. Also I feel he is very much a confidence player, so one way of helping with that would be for Brendan to tell him that he's going to start for the next few games no matter whether he scores a hatful or not. For those who may have doubts as to whether Ian has any long term future at the club it could be taken as an experiment to see if this correct or not.

posted on 26/1/21

Back in training soon I heard?

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