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Can we do it?

When we lost to Liverpool at the start of the season, we felt tremendous pride in the performance, but perhaps we saw some of the cracks too. After all, how many sides scored 3 goals at Anfield last season?
Liverpool have not convinced since then and their record-breaking sequence of home losses has raised questions among their fans and further afield about whether Klopp is getting the most out of his squad.
With Liverpool out of the Champions League, are we going to see a backlash as they battle for a top four spot, or are they there for the taking?
Against Real Madrid, they looked a shadow of the team that tore the league apart last season and they will not want to face a Leeds team full of confidence, and hungry for points.
The win against City was a statement of how far Bielsa has taken us. As we open a new chapter in our history, wouldn't it be remarkable to underscore that performance with a win against the only side to match City in recent years?
As much as last week was a turning point for us, perhaps this weekend is Liverpool's defining moment. Their fans will be wondering if they have the character to turn this situation around. Make no mistake, Leeds will be gunning for this one, and with plenty of time to rest, and with Bielsa's meticulous planning, we will be prepared for battle.
This will be a fascinating contest. Unlike the opening fixture, where we were simply hoping to give a good account of ourselves, I think it is Liverpool who have a point to prove this time around. Can we put an effective end to their season this weekend? As the well known Leeds fan, Barack Obama, so eloquently put it: YES WE CAN!

comment by Jaz63 (U8369)

posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Can't wait!

Liverpool will always be dangerous but have been experiencing serious turbulence recently, whereas we've been boosted by that incredible second half last week.

comment by Stoopo (U4707)

posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Could be a great game and Liverpool could have a little hangover after last night and having relinquished their PL title so early in the season.

There’s no doubt that we will go for the win - but offer me a draw now and I’ll take it.

posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Only downside for us is Raph so a doubt.

posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Looking forward to this game. Could be a cracker.

The first game of the season was interesting. I managed to find a bar to watch it in Leeds and loved it. But the game was less even than it appeared at the time. We were extremely clinical to get 3 goals. I doubt we will be that clinical again.

Also, as good as the result was last week, I don't want to see another similar performance.

I would like to see us attempt to control possession. To beat their press. Put pressure on them with our own press. While not being too exposed out of possession.

To do all of that for 90 mins will be almost impossible. And to win the game like that will be incredibly difficult. We would probably have a better chance doing what we had to against City in the second half. But this is a great opportunity to test our side against a very good side (not in their best form) and see how close we can get to their level.

We have nothing to lose in that we are safe and have already achieved the goal of the season. So we need to focus on our next goal which is pushing for the next level. We are not going to get to the next level relying on a low block. We are going to get to the next level by competing and we need to practice, we need to test where we need to to improve, and we need to know what we already have.

The more experience we can give this squad going toe to toe with top class opposition now, when there is no risk, the better chance the same players have of beating them when the points may be the difference of qualifying for Europe or not in a couple of years.

posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

comment by montleeds (U18330)
posted 5 hours, 26 minutes ago
poolmyfinger, you're delusional, have a lie down you sicko.
I second that.

posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Whats a Trumpanzee doing on here. knows nothing about people, politics, or football. Just braindead like his hero

posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

No I can't see Leeds winning. Top 4 is all we have now so expect us to beat Leeds; I also suspect people are forgetting we created loads of chances vs Madrid it's just didn't finish them...unlikely to happen 2 games on the trot...btw..we also kept a clean sheet to boot!

posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Yup, you shot and didn't score, maybe sign up the lad who bricked the window, seems to have good aim?

posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

The key for us is Raphinha. If he's fit, we have a chance. He will cause havoc for the Liverpool defence in a way none of our other players can. If he's out, it's a much bigger ask in my view.
Defensively, we are much stronger since Llorente returned to fitness. Salah has looked off-colour for a few games now. Has he got Madrid on his mind? However, he doesn't run dry for very long and I expect to see him on the score sheet.
Liverpool won't score four, but neither will we. A scruffy Bamford goal and a 1-1 final score would be a great result.

posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

"No I can't see Leeds winning. Top 4 is all we have now so expect us to beat Leeds; I also suspect people are forgetting we created loads of chances vs Madrid it's just didn't finish them...unlikely to happen 2 games on the trot...btw..we also kept a clean sheet to boot!"

It could get better for us this time, maybe you won't be lucky enough to get the lucky penalty you did last time out, we were lucky enough to score 3 against the supposed best team in England in our first game back in the Prem, that alone is no mean feat, and we're playing now how we did then!..

I cant see Klopp looking at us the way some of you's do, because if he did he knows exactly what could happen!..

"people are forgetting we created loads of chances vs Madrid it's just didn't finish them"

I hate to think of the chances we've missed this season, but hey, ask City, as we have now found out, you only need 2!..

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